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Can We Borrow Your Backyard?



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    Mhmm there is nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Thought the era of victory gardens was long gone? Well not quite. The environmentally-hip group, Sharing Backyards DC have revived this old-school movement right in the heart urban DC.

    Usually the words nature and city don’t mix in this city, where access to land is scarce among blocks of concrete and buildings. But Sharing Backyards DC is not convinced that people who want gardens should be denied the right to have them just because they live in a city. The group has found a resource that allows people without land to use someone else's garden to grow their own natural goodies.

    Sharing Backyards encourages urban gardening by connecting those who have space to garden and are willing to share with those who would like to have a gardening space, according to the group’s website, The program makes maximum use of city space to make sure that even those who live in places without much yard space, like apartments and condos, have adequate place to garden.

    Access to local and healthy organic food for all is the goal of the sharing backyards program. I guess sharing really is caring in this network of shared gardens.

    If you’ve got a green thumb and are looking for a place to drop your seeds, or if you would like to share the wealth of your land, e-mail Sharing Backyards DC at

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