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Borrow a Designer Dress for the Weekend!



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    Wear Today Gone Tomorrow's tag line is: borrow like a celebrity fro the ultimate fashion closet.

    We have no doubt that you, like us, have sixty thousand weddings to attend between the months of April and October. And, like us, you might also know that some combination of ex-boyfriends and people-you-always-secretly-had-a-crush-on will be in attendance. You’re probably wishing you could wear some ridiculously sexy, unconscionably-priced cocktail dress to the affair. Blast this recession, will your dreams never come true?

    Oh yes they can, dear ones, thanks to a newly-launched site called Created by former fashion editor Madeline Muney Passarelli, this nifty little site stocks all manner of high-end designer pieces that you can (you guessed it) borrow from the store for a fraction of what it would have cost you to buy the thing. Specifically, about 10 percent of what it would have cost.

    You can choose between a weekly or a monthly rental (one dress could impress dozens at multiple weddings! Imagine the possibilities!), and the site has even created a "revolutionary" standardized sizing system across all the various designers to ensure a perfect fit. And the selection is no joke: We browsed for about five minutes and already found piece we'd literally hurt people to get to wear, including this ultra-hot red Valentino number (pictured). I mean, even if the whole we-swear-it's-really-clean party line isn't completely true, we'd still wear previously-worn-and-maybe-still-smelly Valentino. Wouldn't you?