• Pope Francis Feb 12

    Pope Francis Stops Short of Allowing Married Men to Become Priests in Amazon

    Pope Francis has stopped short of allowing the ordination of married men as priests in the Amazon, where there are severe shortages of clergy, calling instead for ordained ministers to come to the region and work alongside lay preachers.

  • Pope Francis Feb 2

    Pope Francis Transforms 19th Century Vatican Palace Into Homeless Shelter

    The Palazzo Migliori, named after the family who donated it to the Roman Catholic Church, had served as the headquarters for an order of religious women, who vacated it last year. But the Calasanziane order that occupied the building for 70 years and used it to help and care for young single mothers has since relocated to another location. One…

  • Vatican Jan 20

    10 Years After Vatican Takeover, Legion in New Abuse Crisis

    The administrator of the elite Catholic school in Cancun, Mexico, used to take the girls out of class and send them to the chapel, where the priest from the Legion of Christ religious order would sexually abuse them.

  • Pope Benedict Jan 14

    Cardinal Denies He Manipulated Retired Pope on Celibacy Book

    The Vatican cardinal who co-authored a bombshell book with Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI reaffirming priestly celibacy on Tuesday strongly denied he manipulated the retired pope into publishing.

  • Catholic Church Dec 21, 2019

    Vatican Office Struggles to Keep Up With Clergy Abuse Cases

    The Vatican office responsible for processing clergy sex abuse complaints has seen a record 1,000 cases reported from around the world this year, including from countries it had not heard from before — suggesting that the worst may be yet to come in a crisis that has plagued the Roman Catholic Church....


    Nearly two decades after the Vatican assumed responsibility for...

  • Pope Francis Dec 17, 2019

    Pope Removes Shroud of Secrecy From Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

    Pope Francis abolished the use of the Vatican’s highest level of secrecy in clergy sexual abuse cases Tuesday, responding to mounting criticism that the rule of “pontifical secrecy” has been used to protect pedophiles, silence victims and prevent police from investigating crimes.

  • Catholic Church Dec 4, 2019

    Buffalo Bishop Under Fire for Handling of Misconduct Resigns

    The bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Buffalo has resigned following widespread criticism over how he handled allegations of clergy sexual misconduct. Pope Francis has accepted Bishop Richard Malone’s resignation and named the bishop of Albany, New York, to run the Buffalo diocese temporarily until a permanent replacement is found.

  • spokesman Jul 13, 2019

    Vatican Mystery Over Missing Girl Deepens; Bones Found

    The mystery of the 1983 disappearance of the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican employee took yet another twist Saturday following excavations this week at a Vatican City cemetery: The Vatican said it had discovered two sets of bones under a stone manhole that will be formally opened next week. The Vatican on Thursday had pried open the tombs of two...

  • Catholic Church May 25, 2019

    Pope: Abortion Is Never OK, Equates it to ‘Hiring a Hitman’

    Pope Francis said Saturday that abortion can never be condoned, even when the fetus is gravely sick or likely to die, and urged doctors and priests to support families to carry such pregnancies to term. Speaking to a Vatican-sponsored anti-abortion conference, Francis said the opposition to abortion isn’t a religious issue but a human one. “Is it licit to throw...

  • Vatican Mar 4, 2019

    Vatican to Open Archives on Wartime Pius XII Next Year

    Declaring that the church “isn’t afraid of history,” Pope Francis said Monday he has decided to open up the Vatican archives on World War II-era Pope Pius XII, who has been criticized by Jews of staying silent on the Holocaust and not doing enough to save lives. Describing that criticism as fruit of “some prejudice or exaggeration,” Francis told officials...

  • VMS Feb 24, 2019

    Sex Abuse Survivors Release List of Actions to Counter Vatican

    After the Vatican released its own list of actions in response to the widespread sexual abuse scandal, advocates and survivors with SNAP created their own list of ways to prevent abuse as a response. News4’s Derrick Ward reports.

  • United States Feb 19, 2019

    Catholic Religious Orders Apologize for Sex Abuse Inaction, Cover-Ups

    Catholic religious orders from around the world apologized Tuesday for having failed to respond when their priests raped children, acknowledging that their family-like communities blinded them to sexual abuse and led to misplaced loyalties, denial and cover-ups. The two umbrella organizations representing the world’s religious orders issued a joint statement ahead of Pope Francis’ sex abuse prevention summit, which opens...

  • Donald Trump May 11, 2017

    Poster of Pope and ‘Devilish’ Trump Kissing Appears in Rome

    A poster showing Pope Francis and a devilish, gun-toting Donald Trump kissing has appeared in Rome less than two weeks before their first meeting. The caption “The Good forgives the Evil” is written in English and Italian in tiny letters along Francis’ belt. It was signed by “TV Boy Official.” In the life-sized image, the white-robed, halo-clad Francis embraces Trump,...

  • Abuse Jun 4, 2016

    Pope Scraps Abuse Tribunal for Negligent Bishops

    Pope Francis on Saturday scrapped his proposed tribunal to prosecute bishops who covered up for pedophile priests after it ran into opposition and instead clarified legal procedures to remove them if the Vatican finds they were negligent. The new procedures sought to answer long-standing demands by survivors of abuse that the Vatican hold bishops accountable for botching abuse cases.

  • Christmas Feb 9, 2015

    Vatican Prepares to Open Showers, Barber Shop For Homeless

    The Vatican has finished renovations on public restrooms just off St. Peter’s Square that will include three showers and a free barber shop for the city’s neediest, according to a Vatican announcement Friday.

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