• Baby names Feb 19

    100 Years of Baby Names in DC, Maryland and Virginia

    For most parents, choosing a name for a child is a difficult process. Do you pick a classic or popular name and run the risk of being labeled “basic”? Or is it better to choose a unique name but potentially set up your child for schoolyard teasing or frequently having to spell their name for others? According to data released…

  • wellness Jan 5

    9 Science-Backed Wellness Trends From the Last Decade That We’re Taking Into the 2020s

    How we take care of our bodies, minds and health evolves over time for a number of reasons. While some of those changes get forgotten (like low-fat everything and shake weights, thank goodness), some health trends gain attention because there’s science behind them and we’re better off for adopting them. Here are a few such wellness trends that came into vogue...

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