• tipped workers Jul 1

    DC Restaurants Take Tipping Into Their Own Hands

    Some D.C. restaurants aren’t waiting to see if the minimum wage for tipped employees law changes. They are paying their waiters and bartenders what they call a living wage, and, in some cases, doing away with tips. For generations, bartenders and waiters have worked for tips, with their employers only paying about a third of the traditional minimum wage....

  • service charge Jun 30

    Some DC Restaurants Now Charging a Service Fee

    You may notice a major fee on your bill next time you go out to eat in D.C. Some restaurants are charging as much as 22% of a service fee, and in some cases they are doing away with tips. News4’s Mark Segraves is working for you with what you need to know before dining out.

  • Mayor Muriel Bowser Jun 24

    DC's Minimum Wage Debate Continues

    The D.C. Council is once again considering raising the minimum wage. The issue at hand is whether employees such as parking lot attendants, beauty salon workers and restaurant employees should make the same minimum wage as every other worker. News4’s Mark Segraves reports.

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