• Walking Tours Oct 10

    With Americans Anxious to Go Out, Walking Tours Pick Up Pace

    For so many Americans, this is a time of being cooped up. There’s less interaction with fellow humans and, in many cases, with the landscape itself. COVID-19 and its impact of more than 200,000 Americans dead have kept many away from air travel, cruise ships and crowded beaches. Enter a decidedly unplugged alternative, a very concrete antidote to a suddenly...

  • THE SCENE Feb 24

    National Children's Museum Opens in DC

    There’s a new museum in D.C. — and this one is entirely made for kids. The National Children’s Museum opens Monday, with fun, interactive exhibits that let kids control the weather on a green screen, design and race a toy car or vote on which pet is best. Parts of the museum also honor its hometown, including with a...

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