• holidays Feb 20

    Uninvited Squirrel Wreaks Havoc in Home While Owners Away on Vacation

    An Atlanta couple said they came home from a winter vacation to find their house had been ransacked by an unusual suspect: a squirrel. Kari and Dustin Drees returned to find their house in disarray with floors scratched, baseboards chewed, and squirrel feces all around. Reports say a squirrel had fallen down their chimney and became trapped in the house,...

  • Atlanta Jan 8

    Christmas Surprise: Squirrel Wreaks Havoc

    It’s a scene almost straight out of “Christmas Vacation,” only it’s a very real nightmare for one Atlanta, Georgia family. Kari and Dustin Drees returned from Christmas vacation to find substantial damage caused by a squirrel that slid down their chimney and couldn’t get out. WXIA’s Joe Henke reports.

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