• VLADIMIR PUTIN Dec 30, 2019

    Putin Weighs Future Options as He Marks 20 Years in Power

    As Russian President Vladimir Putin marks two decades in power, he boasts about his achievements but remains coy about his political future — a reticence that fuels wild speculation about his intentions.

  • food Apr 30, 2019

    Beluga Whale Found With Russian Harness Mystifies Norwegians

    A beluga whale found with a tight harness that appeared to be Russian made has raised the alarm of Norwegian officials and prompted speculation that the animal may have escaped from a Russian military facility. Joergen Ree Wiig of the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries says “Equipment St. Petersburg” is written on the harness strap, which features a mount for an...

  • VMS Mar 8, 2019

    8-Year-Old Virginia Ice Skater Talks About Her Future

    “They were so pretty, and I wanted to be just like them.” Now 8 years old, Sophia Bezkorovminaya, of Virginia, was just 3 when she first took a shine to figure skating. She told former Soviet figure skater Inna Volyanskaya that she dreamed of one day going to the Olympics, and together they’ve been training eight hours per day ever…

  • China Jan 3, 2019

    China Lands Spacecraft on ‘Dark' Side of Moon in World First

    China’s burgeoning space program achieved a first on Thursday: a landing on the so-called dark side of the moon. Three nations — the United States, the former Soviet Union and more recently China — have sent spacecraft to the near side of the moon, which faces Earth, but this is the first-ever landing on the far side. The China National...

  • Russia Aug 4, 2018

    Russian Airline Says 18 Killed in Siberian Helicopter Crash

    A Russian helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff Saturday in Siberia, killing all 18 people aboard, mostly oil workers, authorities said. The Interstate Aviation Committee, which oversees civil aviation in much of the former Soviet Union, said the Mi-8 helicopter collided with the load being carried by another helicopter. Both had taken off from the same pad in Vankor, above the...

  • NBC NEWS Jul 27, 2018

    ‘GOP' Billboard With Hammer and Sickle Turns Heads

    A new billboard has a lot of people talking in Grand Junction, Colorado. It has the letters GOP on it, but it’s mixed in with symbols from the Soviet Union. It went up near the Rimrock shopping center earlier this week.

  • Russia Jul 10, 2018

    U.K. Man Exposed to Nerve Agent is Now Conscious

    Hospital officials say they’ve seen an improvement in a man poisoned in a nerve agent attack in southwestern England. Salisbury Hospital says Tuesday that Charlie Rowley has experienced a “small but significant improvement” and is now conscious. The 45-year old is in critical but stable condition. The hospital says in a statement that “while this is welcome news, clearly we...

  • Russia Jul 6, 2018

    UK Police Race to Find Source of New Nerve Agent Poisoning

    British police are scouring sections of Salisbury and Amesbury in southwest England, searching for a container feared to be contaminated with traces of the deadly nerve agent Novichok. More than 100 officers are looking for clues Friday in a race to understand how two local people in Amesbury were exposed to a nerve agent that was produced in the Soviet...

  • Gregory Katz Jul 5, 2018

    UK Official Accuses Russia of Dumping Poison in Britain After 2 New Hospitalizations

    Britain’s interior minister accused Russia on Thursday of turning the U.K. into a “dumping grounds for poison,” and demanded an explanation on how two people were inadvertently poisoned with the same military-grade nerve agent used to attack a former Russian spy and his daughter in the same area four months ago. A man and woman in their 40s were in...

  • United States Mar 19, 2018

    Team USA Falls to Slovenia 3-2 in Its Men's Hockey Opener

    The U.S. men’s hockey team was upset in its first game of the Pyeongchang Olympics Wednesday, after it couldn’t defend a 2-0 lead over Slovenia. Slovenia battled back to tie it late and won the game seconds into overtime, upsetting an American team that featured a Stanley Cup winner.

  • United States Mar 19, 2018

    US Men's Hockey Players See Parallels to 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice'

    Tony Granato isn’t planning to show “Miracle” to his players as a source of inspiration. “To win, we don’t need a miracle,” Granato said. “We need to be our best and to play our best for two weeks to win this tournament.”

  • PRESIDENT Dec 28, 2017

    Dozens Killed in Attack on Afghan Cultural Center

    An ISIS suicide bomber struck a Shiite cultural center in Kabul on Thursday, killing at least 41 people and underscoring the extremist group’s growing reach in Afghanistan even as its self-styled caliphate in Iraq and Syria has been dismantled. The attack may have targeted the pro-Iran Afghan Voice news agency housed in the two-story building. The Sunni extremists of ISIS...

  • PRESIDENT Oct 5, 2017

    Sputnik Was No Surprise to US Officials, Declassified Documents Show

    News bulletin in 1957: Sputnik stuns the world. CIA in 2017: Not really. The CIA released newly declassified documents on Wednesday revealing that while the American public was surprised when the Soviet Union launched the world’s first artificial satellite 60 years ago, intelligence agencies weren’t caught off-guard. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had advance knowledge about the Soviets’ work on Sputnik,...

  • PRESIDENT Jul 25, 2017

    New Documents Released on JFK Assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald

    Hundreds of newly released documents may shed a bit more light on one of the darkest days in Dallas history.

  • PRESIDENT Jun 4, 2017

    Concert to Protest Trump's Border Wall Held at US-Mexico Border

    The Dresdner Sinfoniker, or Dresden Symphony Orchestra, held a “Tear Down This Wall!” concert at the U.S. Mexican Border to protest President Trump’s proposed border wall initiative.

  • United States Apr 10, 2017

    Russian Navy Activity in Europe Now at Cold-War Levels: Admiral

    The American warships that launched missiles into Syria last week were sailing in waters that a top military official said haven’t seen such high levels of Russian naval activity since the Cold War, NBC News reported. Navy Admiral Michelle Howard said seas around Europe, like the Mediterranean Sea where the U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk missiles, are seeing a spike in...

  • Russia Apr 5, 2017

    7 Arrested for Terrorism in Wake of St. Petersburg Bombing

    As the residents of Russia’s second-largest city try to regain their nerve in the wake of a fatal subway bombing, officials announced Wednesday that six people have been arrested on suspicion of recruiting terrorists. Wednesday’s statement from the Investigative Committee gave few details, but said those arrested came from Central Asian countries that once were part of the Soviet Union....

  • Europe Mar 24, 2017

    JFK Diary Written in Post-World War II Europe Up for Auction

    A diary kept by a young John F. Kennedy during his brief stint as a journalist after World War II in which he reflected on Hitler, the ambitions of the Soviet Union and the weakness of the United Nations is up for auction....
    The diary was written in 1945 when the 28-year-old Kennedy was a correspondent for Hearst newspapers, rubbing shoulders...

  • Eric Hinton Feb 27, 2017

    Former NASA Mathematician, 98, Gets Moment at Oscars

    She said only “thank you,” but it was one of the more moving moments of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony.

  • WASHINGTON Aug 13, 2015

    Fidel Castro Turns 89; Says U.S. Has Hefty Debt to Cuba

    Fidel Castro marked his 89th birthday with a newspaper column repeating assertions that the U.S. owes socialist Cuba “numerous millions of dollars” for damages caused by its decades-long embargo.

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