• coronavirus Apr 10, 2020

    Home Buying and Refinancing in a Pandemic

    Some essential businesses are booming even amid this crisis. But just how safe are those who have to work and the customers relying on their services? Jodie Fleischer and the News4 I-Team show why one group of businesses cannot work remotely despite a law change designed to help them do just that.

  • coronavirus Apr 10, 2020

    Some Essential Businesses Still Can't Work Remotely, Despite Law Change to Encourage That

    After 20 years of working in the same Bethesda, Maryland, office, real estate attorney Joy Siegel has found a use for the large back windows that barely sit above her parking lot. She’s basically offering drive-thru mortgage closings. “Everyone is really just thrilled that they’re able to complete their transaction,” Siegel said. “Because most people closing today locked in...

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