• DC pride Jul 15

    Colors of LGBT, Transgender Flags Adorn DC Crosswalks for 50th Pride Month

    The rainbow-colored bands of the Pride flag now adorn D.C. intersections as the city celebrates its 50th annual Pride Month.  Bands with the design of the Progress flag stretch from curb to curb at 17th and P streets NW, where the Pride parade usually passes. It was postponed this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. D.C.’s transportation department installed the art Thursday...
  • lgbtq Jun 15

    Supreme Court Ruling: LGBTQ People Protected From Job Discrimination

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that LGBTQ rights are protected from discrimination in employment.

  • DC Jan 1

    Transgender Woman Found Shot to Death in DC

    Police say the person who was found dead inside a vacant building nearly 24 hours after exchanging gunfire with security guards was a transgender woman. Police say the investigation is still active. Jackie Bensen reports.

  • Donald Trump Jun 17, 2019

    50 Years After Stonewall, LGBT Rights Are a Work in Progress

    They didn’t set out to change history; they weren’t the first LGBT Americans to mobilize against bias. Yet the June 1969 uprising by young gays, lesbians and transgender people in New York City, clashing with police near a bar called the Stonewall Inn, was a vital catalyst in expanding LGBT activism nationwide and abroad. This month’s anniversary provides an opportune...

  • Singer Jun 17, 2019

    Taylor Swift Gives Surprise Performance at Stonewall Inn

    Taylor Swift is making a “Gorgeous” statement with her latest surprise performance. After dropping her new song, “You Need to Calm Down,” on Friday, the singer made her way over to the historic Stonewall Inn for a surprise performance in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The mini-concert was very fitting for the new single considering she...

  • Dupont Jun 10, 2019

    DC's 2019 Pride Parade in Full Color

    DC’s LGBTQ+ community came out in full color Saturday for the 2019 Capital Pride Parade. Starting in Dupont Circle, the parade wound its way through 1.5 miles of bubbles, glitter, rainbow flags and beaded necklaces. NBC4 and Telemundo 44 also joined the parade to emphasize that #PrideisUniversal.

  • Associated Press Jun 6, 2019

    Gay Pride Parades Sound a Note of Resistance — and Face Some

    Thousands of people lined the streets for gay pride parades Sunday in coast-to-coast events that took both celebratory and political tones, the latter a reaction to what some see as new threats to gay rights in the Trump era. In a year when leaders are anxious about the president’s agenda, parade organizers in New York and San Francisco were more...

  • U.S. Supreme Court Feb 22, 2019

    Republican Lawmakers Push to Ban ‘Gay' Conversion Therapy in Utah

    Two Republican lawmakers proposed a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors in conservative Utah on Thursday, a plan that’s been hailed as a milestone by advocates and won’t be opposed by the influential Mormon church. Republican Rep. Dan McCay acknowledged he isn’t a typical sponsor for such a measure, but he said it’s an important way to support LGBT...

  • North Carolina Feb 21, 2019

    N. Carolina Transgender Inmate Denied Move to Women's Prison

    A transgender woman convicted of insurance fraud is serving time at a men’s prison in North Carolina despite her repeated requests to transfer to women’s housing. The News and Observer reports 37-year-old Kanautica Zayre-Brown is believed to be the state’s only post-operative transgender prisoner. But the state recognizes her as a man and by her birth name, which was legally...

  • Maryland Feb 20, 2019

    Maryland Moms Say Son's Private School Discriminated Against Them

    A Maryland mom said her son’s private Christian school discriminated against her and her ex-wife because of their sexual orientation. Now, their family is behind a Maryland bill that would allow families to sue private schools for alleged discrimination.

  • Japan Jan 25, 2019

    Japan Court Upholds Sterilization to Register Gender Change

    Human rights and LGBT activists on Friday denounced a ruling by Japan’s Supreme Court upholding a law that effectively requires transgender people to be sterilized before they can have their gender changed on official documents. The court said the law is constitutional because it was meant to reduce confusion in families and society. But it acknowledged that it restricts freedom...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Jan 9, 2019

    ‘Late Night': Jokes Seth Can't Tell, Including Gingerbread People

    There are some jokes that just sound wrong coming from Seth Meyers, like the one about the Rosa Parks movie.

  • Texas Dec 23, 2018

    Apple Pulls Arlington-Based Religious Group's App

    A religious group based in Arlington, Texas, says it’s working to get its app reinstated after Apple removed it from the app store Friday after a national gay rights organization petitioned to have it pulled.

  • Japan Nov 15, 2018

    Professor Sues Over Transgender Pronoun Rebuke

    A Shawnee State University professor is suing officials after receiving a written warning for violating its nondiscrimination policy by not addressing a transgender student using the gender terms preferred by the student. Nicholas Meriwether, a philosophy professor and evangelical Christian, filed a federal lawsuit this month against officials at the university in Portsmouth.

  • director Mar 19, 2018

    Will Elsa Have a Girlfriend in 2019 ‘Frozen' Sequel?

    The director of Disney’s “Frozen” is keeping options open for Queen Elsa as fans call for the character to have a romance with a female in the upcoming “Frozen 2” sequel. In an interview for her upcoming movie, “A Wrinkle in Time,” co-director of “Frozen” Jennifer Lee she said she wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Elsa have a lesbian relationship...

  • United States Nov 17, 2017

    Killings of Transgender People Increase, Advocacy Groups Say

    At least 25 transgender people in the United States have been homicide victims so far this year, the highest annual total on record, according to advocacy groups that have been monitoring the grim phenomenon and seeking ways to reduce the toll. The Human Rights Campaign, in a report released Friday, calculated that 102 transgender people have been killed in the...

  • Senate Nov 16, 2017

    Australia Senator Urges Protection for Opposing Gay Marriage

    A gay lawmaker on Thursday started the Australian Parliament’s debate on legal recognition for same-sex marriage with an emotional speech in which he warned against attempts at winding back LGBT rights, a day after voters backed marriage equality. Dean Smith, a senator with the ruling conservative Liberal Party, introduced a bill that would limit who could legally refuse to take...

  • Donald Trump Jul 26, 2017

    A Look Back at When the Trump Family Said They Supported the LGBT Community

    In a series of tweets on July 26, President Donald Trump said transgender people are no longer allowed in the military. In the past, Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, have promoted their support of the LGBT community.

  • Associated Press Jun 23, 2017

    Pride and Prejudice? Race Tinges LGBT Celebrations

    Gay pride marches in New York City, San Francisco and in between this weekend will have plenty of participants — and also protests directed at them from other members of the LGBT community, speaking out against what they see as increasingly corporate celebrations that prioritize the experiences of gay white men and ignore issues facing black and brown LGBT people....

  • ASIA May 24, 2017

    Taiwan Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

    Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruled on May 24, 2017, to legalize same-sex marriage. It is the first ruling of its kind in Asia. The Democratic Progressive Party, which swept national elections last year, supported the change in the marriage law.

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