• North Korea Jun 14, 2020

    S Korea Urges North to Uphold Deals Amid Rising Animosities

    South Korea has convened an emergency security meeting and urged North Korea to uphold reconciliation agreements, hours after the North threatened to demolish a liaison office and take military action against its rival

  • Kim Yo Jong Jun 13, 2020

    Kim Jong Un's Sister Threatens S. Korea With Military Action

    The powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened South Korea with military action as she bashed Seoul over declining bilateral relations and its inability to stop activists from floating anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border.

  • Donald Trump Jun 15, 2018

    Inside the Summit: Talks With ‘Aliens', Familiar Frustrations

    President Donald Trump got the history-making handshake he wanted with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Now, with the smiling snapshot a part of history, new details are emerging about the bizarre behind-the-scenes negotiations that led up to the summit — and about the president’s post-summit frustrations with how it’s being portrayed. Setting up the Singapore meeting was no easy feat...

  • Donald Trump Mar 21, 2018

    Kim Jong Un Impersonator Crashes Olympics, Again

    A Kim Jong Un impersonator calling himself only Howard from Australia made an appearance at the Korea-Japan women’s ice hockey game at the Pyeongchang Olympics on Wednesday. He briefly walked in front of a North Korean cheering section waving a unification flag and smiling Wednesday before being moved away to his seat nearby. Security then came to take him out...

  • PRESIDENT Mar 19, 2018

    South Korea Foots Record $2.5 Million Tab for North Korean Cheerleaders

    How much was it worth to Seoul for hundreds of North Koreans to attend the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics? Try $2.5 million. According to South Korea’s Unification Ministry, that’s the record amount the country has allotted to pay the bills of more than 400 North Koreans, only 22 of whom were athletes, at the Pyeongchang Games.

  • Kim Jong Un Mar 19, 2018

    North Korea Leader Impressed With South's Delegation Welcome

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said Tuesday it is important to continue a reconciliatory mood between the Koreas and expressed satisfaction with the North Korean delegation’s visit to the South, in his first remarks since the high-level guests led by his sister returned to the North. The North’s state-owned Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim was impressed with...

  • PRESIDENT Feb 10, 2018

    North Korean ‘Army of Beauties' Cheers on Unified Korea Women's Hockey Team

    Unified Korea women’s hockey team lost their Olympics debut match to Switzerland on Saturday in Pyeongchang, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of North Korea’s cheerleaders. “Go for it, go for it, our players, go for it,” chanted the cheerleaders, sporting coordinated red outfits and waving the unified Korea flag. Switzerland dominated the joint Korean hockey team 8-0. Chanting elevated...

  • Twitter Feb 10, 2018

    ‘I Love It': Twitter Reacts to Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony During Broadcast

    The Winter Olympics kicked off in Pyeongchang, South Korea, with an epic Opening Ceremony. The broadcast aired Friday night on NBC and began trending on Twitter. There were numerous Opening Ceremony highlights, including a shirtless Tongan the Jamaican athletes’ dancing entrance and the look on the face of Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, when the...

  • Donald Trump Feb 9, 2018

    The Olympics' Fiery Optics Are Both Entertaining and Symbolic: Analysis

    Tracers lit up the night. Explosions rocked the stadium, and the acrid smoke that followed the rockets’ red glare left some in the crowd coughing and choking. By the time it was all over, giant flames licked toward the sky as the envoys of two enemy governments watched warily. It rained fire into Olympic Stadium for parts of two hours...

  • PRESIDENT Feb 8, 2018

    North Korea Has Military Parade on Eve of Olympics in South

    North Korea held a massive military parade highlighted by intercontinental ballistic missiles in its capital on Thursday, just one day before South Korea hosts the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Kim Jong Un, dressed in a long black winter coat, was shown walking on a red carpet with his wife at the beginning of the event, which North...

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