• Donald Trump Sep 20, 2019

    Senate Tech Critic to Facebook's Zuckerberg: Sell WhatsApp, Instagram

    As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met Thursday with President Donald Trump and other critics of the tech industry, the Senate’s most vocal detractor offered a challenge: Sell your WhatsApp and Instagram properties to prove you’re serious about protecting data privacy. It may have been more than Zuckerberg expected from his private meeting with Sen. Josh Hawley, a conservative Republican from...

  • Donald Trump Aug 15, 2019

    Beto O'Rourke Restarting White House Bid as Battle Against Trump

    Democrat Beto O’Rourke rejoined the presidential race on Thursday following a nearly two-week pause — using a speech in his Texas hometown where a mass shooting killed 22 people to overhaul his White House bid and argue that President Donald Trump is morally unfit for a second term. The former congressman spoke at a park close to his home, saying...

  • Donald Trump Aug 9, 2019

    Mayors Issue Call For Gun Safety Laws

    Hundreds of mayors sign letter urging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to call Congress back to Washington for votes on gun safety legislation. NBC’s Craig Boswell reports.

  • Donald Trump Aug 9, 2019

    McConnell: Background Checks, Red Flag Laws Will Be Considered in the Fall

    Shifting the gun violence debate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday he now wants to consider background checks and other bills, setting up a potentially pivotal moment when lawmakers return in the fall. The Republican leader won’t be calling senators back to work early, as some are demanding. But he told a Kentucky radio station that President Donald Trump...

  • Donald Trump Aug 1, 2019

    Hard-Won Budget, Debt Deal Clears Senate, Advances to Trump

    A hard-won budget and debt deal easily cleared the Senate on Thursday, powered by President Donald Trump’s endorsement and a bipartisan drive to cement recent spending increases for the Pentagon and domestic agencies. The legislation passed by a 67-28 vote as Trump and his GOP allies relied on lots of Democratic votes to propel it over the finish line.

  • Donald Trump Jul 30, 2019

    Doubts Emerge About Trump Pick for US Intelligence Chief

    President Donald Trump’s pick for national intelligence director has been mayor of a small Texas city, a federal prosecutor and a member of Congress. But questions were already emerging Monday about whether those qualifications are adequate for the position as the nation confronts threats that include foreign election interference, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and the risk of war with...

  • Donald Trump Jun 17, 2019

    GOP Mutters, Gently, as Trump Sidesteps Senate for Top Aides

    President Donald Trump’s latest anointment of an acting head of a major federal agency has prompted muttering, but no more than that, from Republican senators whose job description includes confirming top administration aides. Their reluctance to confront Trump comes as veterans of the confirmation process and analysts say he’s placed acting officials in key posts in significantly higher numbers than...

  • Donald Trump Jun 12, 2019

    Trump Jr. Glad Senate Testimony ‘Is Finally Over'

    Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, spoke to the Senate intelligence committee for around three hours Wednesday, following up on a 2017 interview with the same panel as part of its two-year-long Russia investigation. Trump Jr. said after the interview that he is “glad this is finally over.” He said he was happy to clarify answers from the earlier...

  • NBC NEWS Jun 10, 2019

    Trump Taps Conservative Ken Cuccinelli to Head Citizenship Agency

    Ken Cuccinelli, the head of a conservative political action committee that has caused headaches for Republican senators, has been tapped as acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, according to a Department of Homeland Security official. DHS secretary Kevin McAleenan announced the move in an email to agency staff Monday, though the mechanics of whether it would...

  • Donald Trump Jun 5, 2019

    Trump-GOP Split: Senators Loudly Oppose Mexico Tariff Threat

    In a rare confrontation, Republican senators declared deep opposition Tuesday to President Donald Trump’s threatened tariffs on all goods coming into the U.S. from Mexico. But it’s unclear they have the votes to stop him, and Trump said they’d be “foolish” to try. All sides, including officials from Mexico meeting with Trump negotiators in Washington this week, remain hopeful that...

  • Donald Trump May 31, 2019

    Here Are the States Where Trump's Mexico Tariffs Would Hit the Hardest

    A handful of U.S. states — including some that will play big roles in the 2020 election — will feel the brunt of the pain from President Donald Trump’s new tariffs on imports from Mexico. On Thursday night, the president said the U.S. would put 5% duties on all Mexican imports on June 10 to push its southern neighbor to...

  • Donald Trump May 9, 2019

    Sen. Burr Takes GOP Fire Over Trump Jr. Subpoena

    Republicans lashed out Thursday at fellow GOP Sen. Richard Burr for his committee’s subpoena of President Donald Trump’s son, a move that suggested the Russia investigation is not “case closed” as some in the party insist. Trump said he was “very surprised” at the move. The revolt by some against the Senate intelligence committee chairman comes after The Associated Press...

  • Donald Trump Apr 30, 2019

    Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Won't Run for Senate in 2020

    Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams says she will not run for a U.S. Senate seat in 2020, dimming her party’s hopes of a Senate majority and renewing speculation about her political future after last year’s unsuccessful run for governor catapulted her to national acclaim. Abrams, 45, came within 60,000 votes of being the first black woman elected governor in U.S. history....

  • Donald Trump Apr 8, 2019

    Senate GOP Game Plan Means More Trump Nominees, Fewer Bills

    Mitch McConnell says the Senate will be in the “personnel business” this year. But the majority leader’s focus on confirming President Donald Trump’s nominees is coming at the expense of any big legislative priorities. Nearly 100 days into the new Congress, the drive to confirm is adding more conservatives to the courts and putting more Trump appointees in government offices....

  • Donald Trump Mar 14, 2019

    Fact Check: How Much Will the ‘Green New Deal' Cost?

    Since the ambitious and controversial Green New Deal debuted last month, Republicans and Democrats have sparred over the cost of the measure — a nonbinding resolution that broadly outlines how the U.S. should address climate change over the next decade. But sometimes the politicians have erred in their descriptions of the proposal and the costs of climate action and inaction.

  • Donald Trump Feb 28, 2019

    Sources: O'Rourke Will Not Oppose Cornyn in 2020 Senate Race

    Former congressman Beto O’Rourke will not make another run at a U.S. Senate seat. NBC 5’s media partner The Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday that O’Rourke has decided not to challenge incumbent Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, in 2020.

  • PRESIDENT Feb 17, 2019

    Bill Proposes Coins to Honor George and Barbara Bush

    A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would authorize the U.S. Treasury to mint $1 coins honoring former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, for the year.

  • Donald Trump Feb 1, 2019

    Trump, Pelosi Remain Far Apart on the Border Wall Issue

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declared that there’ll be no “wall money” in any compromise border security deal as she and President Donald Trump signaled that congressional negotiators may never satisfy his demands for his cherished Southwest border proposal. Trump, who in recent weeks has expressed indifference to whether the term “wall” or something else is used, clung with renewed...

  • Donald Trump Jan 15, 2019

    High Drama, Few Results as Trump Warns of ‘Long' Shutdown

    Staring down the next deadline to pay federal workers, the White House shifted tactics Tuesday, trying to bypass House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to negotiate with rank-and-file lawmakers even as President Donald Trump dug in for a prolonged shutdown. The House and Senate announced they would stay in session, canceling an upcoming recess week at home if the shutdown continued, which...

  • Donald Trump Jan 12, 2019

    GOP Rejected Obama's Executive Reach, But Accepts Trump's

    President Barack Obama stunned Republicans when he bypassed Congress and — relying on what he called his pen and his phone — used executive powers to enact his agenda, including protecting millions of young immigrants from deportation. Now, with President Donald Trump proposing an even more dramatic end-run around Congress to build his promised border wall with Mexico, many Republicans...

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