• Norway Mar 27, 2019

    Norway Cruise Ship Engines Failed From Lack of Oil, Official Says

    A cruise ship that was the focus of a daring rescue operation off Norway’s frigid North Sea coast became disabled because its engines didn’t have enough lubricating oil, the country’s top maritime official said Wednesday. Low oil levels were the “direct cause” of the engine failure that stranded the ship during a storm Saturday, Lars Alvestad, the acting director general...

  • Norway Mar 25, 2019

    Norway Opens Probe Into Why Cruise Ship Ventured Into Storm

    Norwegian officials have opened an investigation into why a cruise ship carrying more than 1,370 people set sail along the country’s often wild western coast despite storm warnings, forcing a major evacuation by helicopter. One person is in critical but stable condition in an intensive care ward, hospital officials said, adding eight others are still hospitalized after the Viking Sky...

  • Norway Mar 24, 2019

    Terror at Sea: Helicopter Rescues Frightened Cruise Passengers

    Viking Sky cruise ship passenger Rodney Horgen can pinpoint the moment when he thought he was facing the end: when a huge wave crashed through the ship’s glass doors and swept his wife 30 feet across the floor. Horgen, 62, of Minnesota, was visiting Norway on a dream pilgrimage to his ancestral homeland when the luxury cruise trip quickly turned...

  • Norway Mar 24, 2019

    Helicopters Rescue Norway Cruise Ship Passengers Amid Storm

    Rescue workers off Norway’s western coast rushed to evacuate 1,300 passengers and crew from a disabled cruise ship by helicopter on Saturday, winching them one-by-one to safety as heaving waves tossed the ship from side to side and high winds battered the operation. The Viking Sky issued a mayday call as bad weather hit and engine problems caused it to...

  • Norway Mar 23, 2019

    Helicopters Rescue Norway Cruise Ship Passengers Amid Storm

    Rescue teams with helicopters and boats were sent to evacuate the cruise ship.

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