• Donald Trump Aug 19, 2019

    Amash Dumped Trump, and Now Mich. District May Dump Amash

    Eirran Betka-Pope was on her lunch break when she spotted hundreds of Donald Trump supporters protesting outside the office of Rep. Justin Amash, the first Republican on Capitol Hill to say Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the president. The protesters, who stood on the sidewalk with “Squash Amash” signs, saw his comments as the ultimate betrayal of a president...

  • Donald Trump Jul 9, 2019

    Amy McGrath to Run for Mitch McConnell's US Senate Seat

    Amy McGrath, a Marine combat aviator who narrowly lost a House race to an incumbent Republican in Kentucky, has set her sights on an even more formidable target: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McGrath, whose campaign announcement video in her House race showcased the viral power of social media to raise money and national profile, said Tuesday she will be...

  • United States Feb 26, 2019

    Mark Harris, GOP Candidate in Disputed US House Race, Not Running Again

    The Republican candidate whose apparent victory in a North Carolina congressional race was thrown out because of suspicions of ballot fraud announced Tuesday he will not run in the newly ordered do-over election, saying he needs surgery late next month. In a statement, Mark Harris said he’s skipping the upcoming re-do election in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district for health...

  • ATTORNEY Feb 21, 2019

    Testimony of Candidate's Son Upends Election Fraud Hearing

    A Justice Department official gave shocking testimony in an election fraud hearing into his father’s campaign for the North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. John Harris said he warned his father, Republican Mark Harris, against hiring an operative now accused of running an illegal ballot-collecting operation.

  • ATTORNEY Nov 30, 2018

    ‘Squeaky' Close Election: Control of Alaska State Government Hinges on Single, Mystery Ballot

    Control of Alaska state government, at least for the next two years, could hinge on a mystery ballot that an election worker found on a table in a Fairbanks voting precinct more than three weeks ago. The uncounted ballot could break a tie in an Alaska state House race. A decision on whether to count it is expected Friday. The...

  • New Jersey Nov 20, 2018

    2020 Democratic Contenders Already Eyeing Top Staff in Iowa

    The 2018 midterms are barely history, but the next campaign is already in full swing in Iowa, home to the first caucus of the 2020 Democratic presidential nominating campaign. In the two weeks since the election, potential White House contenders have intensified their effort to recruit operatives who could help them navigate an Iowa campaign. In a state that hasn’t...

  • Donald Trump Nov 8, 2018

    GOP Congresswoman Who Won Record-Breaking Special Election Concedes Effort to Keep Seat

    Republican Rep. Karen Handel has conceded her long-red House seat in the Atlanta suburbs to an African-American gun control advocate making her first run for public office. Handel’s statement Thursday morning says her careful review of the vote count shows she narrowly lost to Democrat Lucy McBath. “It is clear that I came up a bit short,” she said, offering...

  • Senate Nov 8, 2018

    Maine's New Voting System to Decide US House Race

    The U.S. House race in Maine between GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin and Democrat Jared Golden is headed to ranked-choice count. Additional tabulations under Maine’s new voting system are needed to determine the winner of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race between Poliquin and Golden. Neither candidate collected a majority of first-place votes under Maine’s ranked-choice voting system, which was used for...

  • VMS Nov 5, 2018

    Obama Campaigns for Kaine, Wexton in Northern Virginia

    Former President Barack Obama campaigned in Fairfax County on Monday for congressional candidate Jennifer Wexton and Sen. Tim Kaine. “The character of this country is on the ballot. Who we are is on the ballot,” Obama said. Rep. Barbara Comstock, who holds the seat Wexton is pursuing, said Democrats would raise residents’ taxes. News4’s Julie Carey reports.

  • New York City Nov 1, 2018

    Rare Drop in NRA Election Spending as Gun-Limit Groups Rise

    The National Rifle Association — long seen as a kingmaker in Republican politics — is taking a lower profile in this year’s high-stakes midterm campaign, a sign of the shifting dynamics of the gun debate as the GOP fights to maintain its grip on Congress. The NRA has put $11 million into midterm races this year — less than half...

  • VMS Oct 31, 2018

    National Issues Loom Large in Key Virginia House Race

    Rep. Barbara Comstock faces a strong challenge from Democrat Jennifer Wexton in Virginia’s 10th District. News4’s Julie Carey reports.

  • Donald Trump Oct 19, 2018

    Trump Praises Montana Congressman Who Assaulted Reporter

    President Donald Trump praised Rep. Greg Gianforte, R-Mont., Thursday for physically assaulting a reporter during a House race last year — remarks that come amid calls for Trump to hold Saudi Arabia responsible for the disappearance and apparent killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “Never wrestle him,” Trump said of Gianforte at a campaign rally in an airplane hangar in Missoula,...

  • CONGRESS Oct 18, 2018

    Money Talks: Campaigns Draw Millions in ‘Outsider' Cash

    It’s been eight years since the U.S. Supreme Court declared that political spending is free speech. The decision eased the way for corporations, unions or nonprofits to spend massive amounts to support, or more often, denounce candidates in tight races. Citizens United, as the ruling is commonly known, has transformed American political campaigns, most notably over the airways. But the...

  • Virginia Sep 21, 2018

    Comstock, Wexton Face Off in Debate in Key House Race

    Republican Barbara Comstock and Democrat Jennifer Wexton are set to face off in the first big debate of a key congressional race in Virginia.

  • CONGRESS Sep 12, 2018

    New Hampshire Set to Make History in Open US House Race

    New Hampshire is set to elect either its first openly gay member of Congress or its first black representative. Democrat Carol Shea-Porter’s decision to step down after four non-consecutive terms in the 1st Congressional District resulted in no fewer than 17 candidates vying for the district’s first open seat in 16 years. While it used to be reliably Republican, the...

  • COLUMBIA Jun 27, 2018

    Ben Cardin, Tony Campbell Projected to Win Nominations for Senate

    Tony Campbell is the projected winner of Maryland’s Republican nomination in the state’s crowded primary for a U.S. Senate seat.

  • Donald Trump Apr 25, 2018

    House Already Threatened, Could GOP Also Lose Senate Grip?

    Republicans have known for months that their House majority is in genuine peril. But after another bruising showing in a special election, some in the party are reconsidering the once inconceivable notion of losing the Senate. It’s a sobering possibility, particularly given Republican’ confidence not long ago that they probably would increase their Senate edge after the November vote. Far...

  • Donald Trump Mar 15, 2018

    GOP Watches Vote Count in Pa. House Race, Seeks Complaints

    The Republican Party will watch the final vote-counting in a tightly contested U.S. House race in Pennsylvania before deciding whether to seek a recount or sue over perceived election irregularities, officials said Thursday, even as they scrounged for votes to whittle away at Democrat Conor Lamb’s lead. But changing a final count by hundreds of votes, such as Lamb’s lead...

  • Donald Trump Mar 15, 2018

    Pa. House Race Suggests Almost No GOP Candidate Is Safe

    The message to Republicans from the Pennsylvania special election was simple: Almost no one is safe. Rattled Republicans were hit with a day-after reality check Wednesday after the startlingly strong performance of a fresh-faced Democrat deep in Trump country. House Speaker Paul Ryan privately warned his ranks that the election, still officially undecided, should serve as a “wake-up call” as...

  • Donald Trump Mar 11, 2018

    Trump Promotes Agenda at Rally for GOP House Candidate in Pa.

    President Donald Trump told western Pennsylvania voters Saturday night that his new tariffs were saving the steel industry and urged them to send a Republican to the House so he can keep delivering those kinds of results. The president lent his weight to Republican Rick Saccone in the final days of a surprisingly competitive special election outside Pittsburgh that could...

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