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  • Donald Trump Nov 15, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump’s Economic Falsehoods

    President Donald Trump rattled off several false claims in his Nov. 12 speech to the Economic Club of New York, in which he contrasted the supposedly “bleak” outlook at the end of his predecessor’s term with an exaggerated portrayal of the economy’s strong performance during his own tenure.

  • United States Sep 18, 2019

    Report Finds Gun Violence Costs US $229 Billion Per Year

    Gun violence hits America’s youth and rural states the hardest and has reached the highest levels in decades, a report released Wednesday by Democrats on Congress’ Joint Economic Committee has found, NBC News reports. U.S. teens and young adults, ages 15-24, are 50 times more likely to die by gun violence than they are in other economically advanced countries, according...

  • Donald Trump Aug 21, 2019

    CBO Expects Deficit to Grow More Than Projected, Warns That Tariff Hikes Could Harm Growth

    Federal deficits are expected to swell to higher levels over the next decade than previously expected, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said in a new report Wednesday. The CBO also said that President Donald Trump’s tariffs are projected to shrink gross domestic product by 2020, and warned that further tariff hikes could stifle economic growth. The U.S. budget deficit is...

  • Donald Trump Aug 2, 2019

    US Adds a Solid 164,000 Jobs in July

    U.S. employers sustained a steady pace of hiring in July, adding 164,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate remained at 3.7% for a second straight month, close to a 50-year low. It’s a reassuring sign for an economy that’s endured a series of ups and downs.

  • Associated Press Jul 17, 2019

    Universities in Virginia Form Group to Fight Opioid Epidemic

    Four universities in Virginia are teaming up to fight the opioid crisis.

  • Donald Trump Jun 28, 2019

    US Economy Grew at Solid 3.1% Rate in First Quarter

    The U.S. economy grew at a healthy 3.1% rate in the first three months of this year, but signs are mounting that growth has slowed sharply in the current quarter amid slower global growth and a confidence-shaking trade battle between the United States and China. The gain in the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic health, was unchanged...

  • United States Jun 14, 2019

    Many Americans Say Their Financial Situation Is Worse Since the Great Recession, Survey Finds

    The Great Recession has officially been over for a decade. For many Americans, there’s little reason to celebrate. Many people’s finances haven’t recovered from the recession’s blows, according to a new survey by personal finance website “There are still tens of millions who are struggling to even get back to where they were before the economy took a turn...

  • Donald Trump Apr 26, 2019

    US Economy Grew at Strong 3.2% Rate in First Quarter

    The U.S. economy grew at a solid 3.2% annual rate in the first three months of the year, a far better outcome than expected, overcoming a host of headwinds including global weakness, rising trade tensions and a partial government shutdown. The advance in the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic health, marks an acceleration from a 2.2% gain...

  • Donald Trump Feb 28, 2019

    US Growth Slows at End of 2018, Is Likely to Slow More

    The U.S. economy turned in a solid performance in 2018, boosted in part by tax cuts and higher government spending. But growth slowed by year’s end, and most economists envision a weaker outlook for the coming months and probably years. The nation’s gross domestic product, the broadest gauge of economic health, expanded at a 2.6 percent annual rate in the...

  • Donald Trump Jan 28, 2019

    Shutdown Projected to Cause $3B Permanent Hit to Economy

    The federal government shutdown will cause slight permanent harm to the economy — about $3 billion — according to a report Monday by the Congressional Budget Office. The report says the five-week shutdown has slowed growth in the near term but that most of the lost growth “will eventually be recovered.” Overall, CBO predicts that just $3 billion in lost...

  • Donald Trump Jan 6, 2019

    Mexico’s President Launches Ambitious Economic Plan on the Mexican Side of the Border

    Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador launched an ambitious plan to stimulate economic activity on the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexico border, despite recent U.S. threats to close the border entirely.

  • Emmanuel Macron Dec 10, 2018

    Macron Vows Tax Cuts, Pay Rise; Will France’s Anger Subside?

    French President Emmanuel Macron tried to reassert control over a nation wracked by increasingly violent protests with offers of tax relief for struggling workers and pensioners — and an exceptional admission Monday that “I might have hurt people with my words.”...
    It may not be enough....
    Even as Macron broke his silence on the protests in a brief televised address, yellow-vested demonstrators...

  • Donald Trump Nov 27, 2018

    Trump: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Government Climate Report Finding

    President Donald Trump on Monday rejected a central conclusion of a dire report on the economic costs of climate change released by his own administration. But economists said the National Climate Assessment’s warning of hundreds of billions of dollars a year in global warming costs is pretty much on the money. Just look at last year with Hurricanes Harvey, Maria...

  • Donald Trump Nov 24, 2018

    What the Federal Report Says About Climate Change Damaging US Economy

    The United States is already feeling the heat from climate change — and the damage could cost hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century if more preventive measures aren’t taken now, a new federal report has found. Climate change has worldwide implications as well, which also means more trouble for the United States, NBC News reported....

  • Donald Trump Oct 26, 2018

    Economy Grew at Strong 3.5 Percent Rate in Q3

    The U.S. economy grew at a robust annual rate of 3.5 percent in the July-September quarter as the strongest burst of consumer spending in nearly four years helped offset a sharp drag from trade. The Commerce Department said Friday that the third quarter’s gross domestic product, the country’s total output of goods and services, followed an even stronger 4.2 percent...

  • United States Sep 27, 2018

    US Economy Grew at Robust 4.2 Percent Rate in Q2

    The U.S. economy grew at a robust annual rate of 4.2 percent in the second quarter, the best performance in nearly four years, though economists believe growth has slowed in the current quarter partly because of a drag from trade. The performance of the gross domestic product, the country’s total output of goods and services, was unchanged from an estimate...

  • United States Aug 29, 2018

    US Economy Hit Brisk 4.2 Percent Growth in Q2, Best Rate in Nearly 4 Years

    The U.S. economy grew at a strong 4.2 percent annual rate in the April-June quarter, the best showing in nearly four years, as growth stayed on track to produce its strongest full-year gain in more than a decade. Strength in business investment offset slightly slower consumer spending. The Commerce Department on Wednesday revised up its growth estimate for last quarter...

  • Donald Trump Aug 10, 2018

    Consumer Prices Up 2.9 Percent, Leaving Americans Worse Off

    Consumer prices climbed 2.9 percent in July from a year earlier, a rate of inflation that suggests Americans are earning less than a year ago despite an otherwise solid economy. The Labor Department said Friday that the consumer price index ticked up 0.2 percent in July. Annual inflation matched the 2.9 percent pace from June, which had been the highest...

  • Donald Trump Jul 27, 2018

    US Economy Surges to 4.1 Percent Growth, Trump Cheers Best GDP Showing Since 2014

    For the second time in two months, President Donald Trump broke with standard White House practices this week and appeared to offer a glowing preview of positive economic news. Past presidents have generally refrained from mentioning any government economic reports the day before they’re publicly released. Among other reasons, the idea is to avoid triggering a hasty or ill-considered response...

  • CONGRESS Jul 16, 2018

    US Sales and Employment Likely to Grow, Economists Say

    Most U.S. business economists expect corporate sales to grow over the next three months and hiring and pay to rise with them. But a majority of the economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics say the corporate tax cuts that the Trump administration pushed through Congress have yet to affect their plans for hiring or investment. The administration...

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