• Business Jan 12, 2021

    MBA Professor and Ex-Wall Street Banker: The No. 1 Thing We're Not Teaching Our Kids Enough of Today

    After years of researching and listening to the stories of successful entrepreneurs and colleagues, Georgetown University professor J. Douglas Holladay shares what he’s learned about parenting and risk-taking.

  • Goldman Sachs Oct 22, 2020

    Goldman Sachs Agrees to Record $2.9B DOJ Settlement in Embezzlement Scandal

    The international investment bank Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $2.9 billion and admit wrongdoing for its involvement in the plundering of an economic development fund meant to benefit Malaysia, under the terms of a settlement announced Thursday by the U.S. Justice Department. Instead of helping develop Malaysia’s economy, the fund’s overseers embezzled roughly $4 billion and bought real estate...

  • face masks Jul 1, 2020

    Goldman Sachs says National Mask Mandate Could Slash Infections, Save Economy From 5% Hit

    A federal face mask mandate would not only cut the daily growth rate of new confirmed cases of Covid-19, but could also save the U.S. economy from taking a 5% GDP hit in lieu of additional lockdowns, according to Goldman Sachs.

  • CEO Oct 31, 2019

    Apple Is Laying the Groundwork for an iPhone Subscription

    Apple investors have speculated for years about the possibility that Apple could sell hardware, like the iPhone, on a subscription basis. It’s been a hot topic of conversation among analysts because investors tend to value the predictability of recurring revenue.

  • CEO Oct 31, 2019

    Apple Is Laying the Groundwork for an iPhone Subscription

    Apple investors have speculated for years about the possibility that Apple could sell hardware, like the iPhone, on a subscription basis. It’s been a hot topic of conversation among analysts because investors tend to value the predictability of recurring revenue.

  • CONGRESS Oct 30, 2019

    How the Fed's Interest Rate Cut Affects Credit Card, Mortgage, Savings Rates

    The Fed is expected to announce Wednesday that it is cutting its benchmark interest rate by one quarter of a percentage point, its third rate cut this year. “When the Fed raises or reduces the cost of money, it affects interest rates across the board,” said Greg McBride Bankrate’s chief financial analyst. “One way or another, it’s going to impact...

  • social media Aug 22, 2019

    How to Opt Out of Arbitration for the New Apple Card (and Why You'd Want to)

    Buried in the fine print for the new Apple credit card is what’s called an “arbitration provision.” What that means is that in the event of a dispute with Apple or Goldman Sachs, the bank that actually manages the card and handles the financing, you might have forfeited your right to sue either company. Instead, Goldman Sachs or Apple can...

  • United States Aug 20, 2019

    Apple Card Is Now Available to Everyone in the US

    The Apple Card is now available to all U.S. customers, the company said Tuesday. Apple announced the full launch of its new iPhone-integrated credit card, a joint venture with Goldman Sachs, on its website Tuesday. Previously, a limited number of customers were invited to apply for the card early in a “preview.” IPhone users can now apply for the card...

  • United States Aug 6, 2019

    The Apple Credit Card Is Here

    The Apple credit card designed primarily for mobile use is here. Some iPhone users who requested a notification about Apple Card will get invites Tuesday to apply through Apple’s Wallet app. The company plans to expand sign-ups more broadly in coming weeks. The card, announced in March in partnership with Goldman Sachs, is available only in the U.S. The company...

  • Donald Trump Jun 4, 2019

    Stocks Just Had Their Second Best Day of the Year — Dow Rallies More Than 500 Points

    Stocks surged on Tuesday, climbing back from a big rout in the past month, after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signaled the central bank was open to easing monetary policy to save the economy and as trade tensions eased amid comments by China and Mexico. The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 512.40 points, or 2.1% to 25,332.18. The S&P 500...

  • Los Angeles Apr 29, 2019

    Wall Street Banks Boycott Brunei-Owned Hotels After Kingdom Makes Homosexuality Punishable by Death

    A growing list of multinational banks are banning employees from staying at hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei, where homosexuality and adultery is punishable by death. J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and others — called to task by celebrities like Elton John, George Clooney and Ellen DeGeneres — have barred staff from staying at properties owned by the Dorchester Collection...

  • CEO Apr 24, 2019

    Boeing's Troubled Jet is Costing $1 Billion to Fix So Far

    Boeing is already estimating a $1 billion increase in costs related to its troubled 737 Max and has pulled its forecast of 2019 earnings because of uncertainty surrounding the jetliner, which remains grounded after two crashes that killed 346 people. The $1 billion figure is a conservative starting point. It covers increased production costs over the next few years but...

  • CEO Mar 26, 2019

    Apple Tries to Take a Bite Out of Credit Card Industry

    Apple is rolling out a credit card that it says is designed to do things no other card can. So how does it actually stack up? It looks different from a traditional credit card — there’s no number on the front and the users’ name is etched in metal. The card expands the company’s digital Apple Pay services, marrying the...

  • Netflix Mar 26, 2019

    The Good, Bad and the Unknown of Apple's New Services

    It took a while, but finally — and with the carefully curated help of Oprah, Big Bird and Goldman Sachs — Apple has at last unveiled a new streaming TV service, its own branded credit card and a news subscription product. The moves have been largely expected and so far don’t appear to drastically alter the competitive landscape the way...

  • Donald Trump Dec 24, 2018

    Markets Plummet in Worst Christmas Eve Trading Day Ever

    U.S. stocks plunged on Monday in their worst Christmas Eve trading ever, as the S&P 500 entered a bear market, CNBC reported. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by 653 points, falling below 22,000. The S&P 500 fell 2.7 percent and the Nasdaq Composite Index slid 2.2 percent. Investor confidence has been weighed down by turmoil in Washington, and the markets responded.

  • Donald Trump Nov 20, 2018

    Darkening Clouds Start to Overhang Global Economic Expansion

    After galloping along for the past two years, the global economy is showing signs of weakening, with the United States, China and Europe all facing the rising threat of a slowdown. Few economists foresee an outright global recession within the next year. But the synchronized growth that powered most major economies since 2017 appears to be fading. The risks have...

  • Facebook Nov 20, 2018

    Dow Drops Over 450 Points, Erases 2018 Gains as Target Drags Down Retail

    The major indexes fell sharply on Tuesday and turned negative for the year as a decline in Target shares pressured retailers, while the most popular technology stocks dropped again. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 500 points while the S&P 500 plunged 1.8 percent. The Nasdaq Composite, meanwhile, dropped 2.3 percent. The Dow and Nasdaq were up 1.2 percent and...

  • Donald Trump Nov 13, 2018

    White House Economic Advisers Clash: Kudlow Says Navarro's China-Wall Street Comments Were ‘Not Authorized'

    President Donald Trump’s top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, on Tuesday disavowed comments from White House trade advisor Peter Navarro, who last week lambasted Wall Street influence in U.S.-China trade negotiations in comments that helped weaken the stock market.

  • Los Angeles Nov 2, 2018

    US Charges Malaysian Financier in Multibillion-Dollar Scheme

    The Justice Department announced charges Thursday against a fugitive Malaysian financier and two former Goldman Sachs bankers accused in a money laundering and bribery scheme that pilfered billions of dollars from a Malaysian investment fund created to spur economic development projects in that country. A three-count indictment charges Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, with misappropriating money from...

  • Donald Trump Nov 2, 2018

    With Employers Eager to Fill Jobs, Hiring Could Stay Strong

    Against the backdrop of next week’s midterm elections, the U.S. job market is the healthiest it’s been in at least two decades. And with another strong hiring report expected Friday, some barometers of the job market suggest that it has room to strengthen further. Businesses, hungry for workers, are advertising a record number of openings. Companies in October added the...

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