• facial recognition May 5

    States Push Back Against Use of Facial Recognition by Police

    State lawmakers across the U.S. are reconsidering the tradeoffs of facial recognition technology amid civil rights and racial bias concerns

  • New Jersey Dec 30, 2020

    Black Man in NJ Misidentified by Facial Recognition and Falsely Jailed, Lawsuit Claims

    A New Jersey man sued police and prosecutors, claiming he was wrongly arrested and jailed after facial recognition software mistakenly linked him to a hotel theft, NBC News reported. Nijeer Parks, 33, a Black man from Paterson, said his grandmother told him on Jan. 30, 2019, that an arrest warrant had been issued for him, according to the civil lawsuit…

  • facial recognition Jul 9, 2020

    Despite Concerns, Law Enforcement Use of Facial Recognition Expands in South Florida

    Rape, murder, armed robbery. Miami Police say they’ve made arrests in those violent crimes and in property crimes using a controversial facial recognition program, Clearview AI. The department says the technology has helped them to identify 28 people linked to crimes. “It’s really being a game changer for us,” said Miami Police Assistant Chief Armando Aguilar.  The department started using...

  • CEO Nov 25, 2019

    Grocery Carrying Robots Are Coming. Do We Need Them?

    The first cargo-carrying robot marketed directly to consumers is on sale this holiday season. But how many people are ready to ditch their second car to buy a two-wheeled rover that can follow them around like a dog? Corporate giants like Amazon, FedEx and Ford have already been experimenting with sending delivery robots to doorsteps. Now Piaggio, the Italian company...

  • NBC Nov 22, 2019

    Ring Doorbells Draw Scrutiny From Senator Amid Privacy Concerns

    Ring, the video doorbell company owned by Amazon, has helped law enforcement agencies across the country solve a lot of crimes. But it has also raised concerns about privacy, and critics have been sounding off on social media for months. Tech writers, meanwhile, have wondered if Ring users were getting the full story about the cameras they’d attached to their...

  • Google Nov 14, 2019

    Motorola Just Brought Back the Famous Razr With a Display That Folds in Half, But it Costs $1,500

    Lenovo’s Motorola on Wednesday announced a new version of the iconic Razr flip phone. It has a full touch screen display inside — no keypad — but still folds in half like the clamshell design of phones from the 1990s and early 2000s. I like the throwback design. It will succeed the Samsung Galaxy Fold as the second foldable phone...

  • CEO Oct 29, 2019

    Concert Promoters Turn Away From Facial Recognition Tech

    Concert promoters in the U.S. are stepping back from plans to scan festivalgoers with facial recognition technology, after musicians and others gave it some serious side-eye. Although it remains entirely possible that music venues will eventually take a second look at the controversial technology.

  • head Oct 27, 2019

    From Beirut to Hong Kong, Protests Evoke Global Frustration

    In Hong Kong, it was a complicated extradition dispute involving a murder suspect. In Beirut, it was a proposed tax on the popular WhatsApp messenger service. In Chile, it was a 4-cent hike in subway fares. Recent weeks have seen mass protests and clashes erupt in far-flung places triggered by seemingly minor actions that each came to be seen as...

  • NEW YORK Aug 18, 2019

    NY Woman Stops For Groceries, Returns to Find Dead Body in Back of Her Pickup Truck

    A woman had quite a shock when she went to load groceries into her pickup truck at a western New York supermarket

  • DRIVER Jul 9, 2019

    Activists Worry About Potential Abuse of Face Scans for ICE

    Civil rights activists complained Monday of the potential for widespread abuse following confirmation that at least three states have scanned millions of driver’s license photos on behalf of Immigration and Customs Enforcement without the drivers’ knowledge or consent. Public records obtained by the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology provided the first proof that ICE had sought such scans,...

  • San Francisco May 22, 2019

    Amazon Rejects Facial Recognition, Climate Change Proposals

    Despite pressure from civil rights groups, activist investors and its own employees, Amazon said Wednesday that shareholders at an annual meeting in Seattle voted against proposals related to two major social issues: climate change and facial recognition technology. The two proposals on facial recognition had asked Amazon to stop selling its technology to government agencies, saying that it could be...

  • NBC May 11, 2019

    How Facial Recognition Became a Routine Policing Tool in America

    The technology-driven revolution in policing is unfolding in big cities and small communities around the country, as more police departments purchase facial recognition software, NBC News reports. The government “facial biometrics” market — which includes federal, state and local law enforcement — is expected to soar from $136.9 million in 2018 to $375 million by 2025, according to an estimate...

  • facial recognition Apr 28, 2019

    MoviePass Founder's Next Act: Watch Ads, See Free Movies

    Stacy Spikes co-founded MoviePass, a subscription service that lets you frequent movie theaters for a set monthly fee. After MoviePass sold off a majority stake in 2017, Spikes watched as the new owners quickly expanded, only to find the cost of all those movie tickets too high to sustain. Now Spikes has a new idea: free movie tickets for people...

  • ATTORNEY Apr 24, 2019

    New Details Released in Connecticut Finance Adviser's Family Vacation Death Mystery

    Authorities in Anguilla released new details Tuesday in an investigation involving a Connecticut financial adviser charged with killing a hotel worker during a family vacation, a case that has caused racial tensions on a Caribbean island that caters to wealthy vacationers.

  • NBC NEWS Dec 2, 2018

    Lawmakers Demand Answers From Amazon on Facial Recognition Tech

    Eight Democratic lawmakers are demanding answers from Amazon regarding privacy concerns with the company’s facial recognition software that has been used by some local police departments, NBC News reported. The lawmakers said in a letter Thursday that Amazon had “failed to provide sufficient answers” to questions about the program, called Rekognition, that they had previously presented to the online retail...

  • Donald Trump Nov 29, 2018

    Online Sex Ads Rebound, Months After Shutdown of Backpage

    Smaller escort websites are vying for the lucrative online sex-for-hire market Backpage.com dominated before U.S. authorities shut it down earlier this year, a move that fractured the industry and forced law enforcement to adapt their efforts combating sex trafficking....
    Online sex ads plunged in April following Backpage’s seizure and President Donald Trump’s signing of legislation aimed at websites that facilitate sex...

  • Daniel Macht Sep 7, 2018

    Apple Will Unveil Its New iPhones on Sept. 12

    Apple is set to reveal its latest line-up of products on Sept. 12, the company announced in an invitation to media. The company’s annual September event serves as the introduction to new iPhone models and upgraded gadgets before inventory hits the shelves, but this year’s unveiling is rumored to be impressive even by Apple’s standards.

  • Donald Trump Aug 25, 2018

    No Love for Ankle Monitors on Captured Immigrants

    Federal authorities’ shift away from separating immigrant families caught in the U.S. illegally now means that many parents and children are quickly released, only to be fitted with electronic monitoring devices — a practice which both the government and advocacy groups oppose for different reasons.

  • United States Aug 23, 2018

    New Facial Recognition Tech Catches First Impostor at DC Airport

    Facial recognition technology caught an impostor trying to enter the U.S. on a fake passport that may have passed at face value with humans, federal officials said Thursday. NBC News reports that the groundbreaking arrest came on just the third day of usage of the biometric tech at Washington Dulles International Airport.

  • OLYMPICS Aug 7, 2018

    Facial Recognition System Set to Be Used in Olympic Security

    A facial recognition system will be used across an Olympics for the first time as Tokyo organizers work to keep security tight and efficient at dozens of venues during the 2020 Games. The NeoFace technology developed by NEC Corp. will be customized to monitor every accredited person — including athletes, officials, staff and media — at more than 40 venues,...

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