• Gym Jan 16

    How Exercise Helped a Woman Coping With the Loss of Her Son, Father

    Sandi Tomasello is like family to a lot of us here at News4. She’s been through a lot, losing both her young son and her father two years ago. Sandi says she turned to food to cope with her grief and gained weight. But now at the age of 59, she’s focusing on her health and discovering a new sense...

  • exercise Jan 4

    Gym Class Without the Gym? With Technology, It’s Catching on

    Grace Brown’s schedule at West Potomac High School in northern Virginia is filled with all the usual academics, and she’s packed in Latin, chorus and piano as extras. What she can’t cram into the 8:10 a.m. – 2:55 p.m. school day is gym class. So she’s taking that one minus the gym, and on her own time. The 14-year-old...

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