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  • Ohio Nov 18, 2019

    Democrats’ Southern Victories Could Affect Redistricting

    The re-election victory by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards over the weekend has assured Democrats of an all-important place at the table when political maps are redrawn after the 2020 census for future elections to Congress and the state Legislature. Edwards’ narrow triumph on Saturday marked the third significant win in a Southern state in two weeks for Democrats, following...

  • Associated Press Jul 21, 2019

    In Some States, GOP Sees the Recall as Its Way Back to Power

    Republicans frustrated by losing their grip on political power in some Western states have begun deploying a new weapon: the recall. Once reserved for targeting corrupt or inept elected officials, the recall has become part of the toolkit for Republicans seeking a do-over of election results. One GOP strategist in Colorado has put a name to it — “recall season.”...

  • CEO Oct 3, 2018

    Hundreds of US Teacher Candidates Shake Up Midterm Elections

    Last September, school speech therapist Kathy Hoffman was settling into the new academic year, working with youngsters in her small classroom behind a playground at Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School in a blue-collar neighborhood outside Phoenix. This year, the political novice is gone from her classroom and on the campaign trail across Arizona full-time as the Democrats’ choice in the race...

  • Donald Trump Apr 29, 2018

    Democrats Strive to Tighten Their Hold in Several States

    Unfazed by signs banning soliciting and dogs that barked at her in almost every home she visited, a political newbie knocked on doors, handed out campaign flyers and asked voters to elect her to the Oregon Senate. Deb Patterson, who canvassed in the riverside town of Independence on a recent Saturday, hopes to win the May 15 primary and unseat...

  • Donald Trump Mar 22, 2017

    Anti-Trump Bump Leads to Wave of Dem Candidates in States

    Democrats typically have trouble recruiting candidates for Statehouse races, but now they’re having trouble keeping up with all the people who want to run, NBC News reported. Candidates are already coming out of the woodwork across the country, thanks to a backlash against President Donald Trump and a newfound recognition on the left of the importance of state legislatures to...

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