• coronavirus pandemic Oct 20, 2021

    Hawaii's Governor Welcomes Travelers as COVID Counts Drop

    Hawaii’s governor says COVID-19 case counts and hospitalizations have declined to the point where the islands are ready to welcome travelers once again

  • United States Apr 22, 2019

    Waikiki Flood Concerns Spur Push for Hawaii Shore Protection

    Hawaii’s iconic Waikiki Beach could soon be underwater as rising sea levels caused by climate change overtake its white sand beaches and bustling city streets. Predicting Honolulu will start experiencing frequent flooding within the next 15 to 20 years, state lawmakers are trying to pass legislation that would spend millions for a coastline protection program aimed at defending the city...

  • Governor Apr 16, 2019

    Hawaii Considers Nation's 1st Statewide Ban on Plastics in Restaurants

    Hawaii would be the first state in the U.S. to ban most plastics at restaurants under legislation that aims to cut down on waste that pollutes the ocean. Dozens of cities nationwide have banned plastic foam containers, but Hawaii’s measure targeting fast-food and full-service restaurants would make it the first state to do so. The liberal state has a history...

  • CONGRESS Sep 24, 2018

    What to Know About Governor's Races Up for Grabs in 36 States

    Governor’s races are on the ballot this November in 36 states. The most competitive races are expected to be in states where Republicans now hold the job. Click through for summaries of each race.

  • Donald Trump Aug 24, 2018

    5 Rescued From Flooding as Hurricane Pelts Hawaii With Rain

    Hurricane Lane unleashed torrents of rain and landslides that blocked roads on Hawaii’s mostly rural Big Island on Thursday as residents and tourists in the state’s biggest city braced for the dangerous storm to come their way. Emergency workers rescued five people from a flooded house in Hilo after a nearby gulch overflowed, said Hawaii County Managing Director Wil Okabe....

  • Associated Press Aug 23, 2018

    With No Place to Run, People in Hawaii Brace for Hurricane

    Hawaii residents emptied store shelves Wednesday, claimed the last sheets of plywood to board up windows and drained gas pumps as Hurricane Lane churned toward the state. The category 4 storm could slam into the islands Thursday with winds exceeding 100 mph (161 kph), making it the most powerful storm to hit Hawaii since Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Unlike Florida...

  • Donald Trump Aug 12, 2018

    Ige Wins Hawaii Democratic Governor Primary

    Despite a challenging first term marked by both natural and man-made disasters, Hawaii Gov. David Ige won the Democratic primary in his bid for a second term in office Saturday, defeating U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa. Ige’s administration fumbled through a false missile alert that sent the state into a panic in January, a major embarrassment for his administration. But the...

  • Governor May 11, 2018

    Hawaii Volcano Could Blow Its Top Soon, Hurl Rocks and Ash

    A Hawaii volcano is threatening to blow its top in coming days or weeks after sputtering lava for a week, forcing about 2,000 people to evacuate, destroying two dozen homes and threatening a geothermal plant. Experts fear Kilauea volcano on the Big Island it could hurl ash and boulders the size of refrigerators miles into the air. But scientists say...

  • Associated Press May 10, 2018

    Scientists: Explosive Eruption Risk Rises for Hawaii Volcano

    Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano could soon send boulders and ash shooting out of its summit crater in the kind of explosive eruption last displayed nearly a century ago. Scientists said Wednesday the risks of an explosive summit eruption will rise in coming weeks as magma drains down the flank of the volcano toward the area lava started erupting from fissures in...

  • United States May 3, 2018

    Hawaii Poised to Ban Sale of Some Sunscreens That Harm Coral

    Many sunscreen makers could soon be forced to change their formulas or be banned from selling the lotions in Hawaii. State lawmakers passed a measure this week that would ban the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate by 2021 in an effort to protect coral reefs. Scientists have found the two substances can be toxic to coral, which are...

  • Governor Apr 18, 2018

    Rescue Crews Airlift Hundreds Stranded After Hawaii Storm

    More than 465 people have been rescued from dangerous floodwaters on the Hawaiian island of Kauai as of Wednesday, and evacuation efforts are still underway, according to local media. The U.S. Army, National Guard, and the county have airlifted more than 340 people from the area since Monday and are going back for more evacuations, Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho’s office...

  • Governor Jan 17, 2018

    FEMA: Hawaii Didn't Need Approval to Retract Missile Alert

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the state of Hawaii didn’t need federal approval to retract a cellphone alert mistakenly sent over the weekend warning of a ballistic missile attack. Hawaii has had the authority to cancel or retract warnings since 2012, when it applied for access to the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, FEMA said in a statement.

  • Donald Trump Jan 15, 2018

    ‘Mass Hysteria': Panic Rattles Hawaii After False Missile Alert

    The second recent blunder in Hawaii’s planning for a possible North Korean nuclear attack created “mass hysteria” on the islands after an emergency alert warning of an imminent strike sounded on hundreds of thousands of cellphones. For nearly 40 minutes people waited. Then came the second mobile alert: someone hit the wrong button, there was no missile. Some people abandoned...

  • Donald Trump Jan 14, 2018

    Bay Area Residents in Hawaii Recall Chaos After False Alarm

    Bay Area residents return from Hawaii after receiving a false but frightening message of a ballistic missile threat on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018. Marianne Favro reports.

  • Chairman Jan 14, 2018

    Vai Describes Getting False Missile Alert While in Hawaii

    NBC10’s Vai Sikahema was in Hawaii when an emergency alert stating a missile was heading toward the island was sent to phones. Vai described how he and his wife reacted to the news during an interview with MSNBC.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Jan 14, 2018

    ‘Regrettable': Hawaii Officials Speak on False Missile Alert

    After a false missile alert was sent out in Hawaii and sparked widespread panic, Gov. David Ige said the mistake “should not have happened,” and Vern Miyagi of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said the error was “regrettable.”

  • Donald Trump Jan 16, 2018

    Hawaii Says No Missile Threat After Emergency Alert Mistakenly Sent

    After an emergency alert of a ballistic missile threat left people “crying and screaming” in Hawaii on Saturday, emergency officials confirmed that the message was sent in error and that no missile was headed for the island state. However, the mistake drew outrage from local leaders and has prompted a federal investigation. The alert, which was sent to people’s cell...

  • Governor Dec 1, 2017

    Attack Siren Blares in Hawaii for First Time Since Cold War

    A siren blared across Hawaii on Friday for the first time since the end of the Cold War in an effort to prepare tourists and residents for a possible nuclear attack from North Korea. The state is the first to bring back the Cold War-era warning system, Hawaii emergency management officials said. The wailing siren sounded for a minute after...

  • JUDGE Nov 16, 2017

    17 Patients Have Escaped From a Hawaii Psychiatric Hospital Since 2010

    More than a dozen escapes have occurred over the past eight years at a Hawaii psychiatric hospital where a patient described as dangerous walked off the grounds and made it to California before he was captured this week. Many of the 17 escapes between 2010 and this year happened when a patient broke “curfew” and didn’t return from the Hawaii...

  • JUDGE Jul 27, 2017

    Judge Recommends Contested Giant Hawaii Telescope for Permit

    A construction permit should be granted for a giant telescope planned for a Hawaii mountain summit that some consider sacred, a hearings officer recommended Wednesday. Retired judge Riki May Amano, who is overseeing contested-case hearings for the Thirty Meter Telescope, had been weighing facts in the case since June, after hearing oftentimes emotional testimony that spanned 44 days. The $1.4...

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