• farming Apr 14

    Dairy Farmers Forced to Dump Milk as Demand Drops Amid Coronavirus Closures

    Dairy farmers have faced a crash in milk prices amid the coronavirus pandemic in the last month when restaurants, workplaces and schools shuttered across the country, NBC News reports.

  • food Aug 2, 2019

    Study Linking Paleo Diet to Increased Heart Disease Risk Strengthens Diet Industry Concerns

    A study released last month by Australian scientists linked an increased risk of heart disease to the paleo diet, but experts say that this study points to a larger issue about the direction of the diet industry. “I think the global science population would say this is an interesting observation, a preliminary analysis,” said Zachary Clayton, a postdoctoral researcher at...

  • Donald Trump May 7, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump Wrong on China Trade, Again

    As U.S. trade talks with China drag on, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that the U.S. has “never taken in 10 cents from China” in tariffs, but “now we’re taking in billions and billions of dollars.” The U.S. has collected billions in customs duties on Chinese imports for years, although the amount has increased greatly since the trade war with...

  • United States Mar 15, 2019

    Are Eggs Good or Bad for You? New Research Rekindles Debate

    The latest U.S. research on eggs won’t go over easy for those can’t eat breakfast without them. Adults who ate about 1 ½ eggs daily had a slightly higher risk of heart disease than those who ate no eggs. The study showed the more eggs, the greater the risk. The chances of dying early were also elevated. The researchers say...

  • Donald Trump Mar 6, 2019

    Fact Check: A Look at Trump's CPAC Speech

    In a two-hour address to the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 2, President Donald Trump made questionable and false claims about the fight against ISIS, tariffs and African American income. He also repeated a bevy of claims we’ve debunked before.

  • Donald Trump Mar 2, 2019

    Trump Denounces ‘New Green Deal' at CPAC Conference

    President Trump took aim at the upcoming 2020 election, “We’re gonna do even better in 2020.”

  • CEO Feb 11, 2019

    Socialist Maduro Seeks to Raise Dollars With Appeal to Greed

    Amid the turmoil unleashed by the opposition’s renewed push to oust President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s central bank devalued the country’s currency on Jan. 28 by 50 percent, eclipsing the parallel black market rate. It is the first time the official exchange rate has been higher than that of the black market since currency controls were put in place more than...

  • Donald Trump Dec 27, 2018

    Food Banks Overwhelmed With Milk From USDA Program to Help Dairy Farmers Hurt By Trump Tariffs

    Food pantries in eastern Iowa and western Illinois are being flooded with milk donations under a federal program to buy and distribute nearly $50 million in dairy products to compensate farmers hurt by trade tariffs. River Bend Foodbank CEO Mike Miller told the Quad-City Times that about 80,000 half-gallons of milk will be distributed to food pantries across the Quad-City...

  • CONGRESS Oct 2, 2018

    USMCA Trade Deal to Replace NAFTA

    President Trump announced a new trilateral trade agreement on Oct. 1, pledging to make North America a new “manufacturing power house.” If approved, the United States-Mexico-Canada pact will replace the 24 year old North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, which Mr. Trump frequently bashes as unfair to the United States.

  • Donald Trump Jul 27, 2018

    AP Fact Check: Trump Falsely Claims Historic Turnaround

    President Donald Trump falsely claimed Friday he’s pulled off “an economic turnaround of historic proportions.” Speaking at the White House after the government reported that the economy grew at an annual rate of 4.1 percent in the second quarter, Trump declared that the gains were sustainable and would only accelerate. Few economists outside the administration agree with this claim.

  • Canada Jul 27, 2018

    Trump Touts Growing US Economy

    President Donald Trump celebrated a surging U.S. economy in a speech delivered on the White House’s South Lawn on Friday morning. Trump was reacting to new data that shows the U.S. economy surged in the April-June quarter to an annual growth rate of 4.1 percent.

  • Donald Trump Jul 3, 2018

    Fact Check: Trump Distorts Facts on Agricultural Trade

    In a Fox Business interview, President Donald Trump singled out trade barriers as a reason for five “very bad years” for U.S. farmers. But agricultural economists blame low farm commodity prices — not trade barriers. In fact, U.S. agricultural exports totaled $140.5 billion in fiscal year 2017 — the third-highest amount on record. And, as it has done for decades,...

  • NBC NEWS Jun 14, 2018

    Fewer US Teens Smoking, Doing Drugs and Drinking Milk: CDC Report

    Fewer U.S. teens are smoking, having sex and doing drugs these days. Oh, and they’re drinking less milk, too. Less than one-third of high school students drink a glass of milk a day, according to a large government survey released Thursday. About two decades ago, it was nearly half. Last year’s survey asked about 100 questions on a wide range...

  • director Jun 14, 2018

    CDC Survey Looks at Sex, Drugs and Mental Health

    Fewer high school students are having sex than ever before, federal health officials reported Thursday. And they’re also less likely than some earlier generations to abuse drugs. But a third of students report persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness, the CDC report finds.

  • food Jun 7, 2018

    Dining Russian-Style at the World Cup

    For many fans of food and football, a World Cup in Russia is unfamiliar territory. Russian cuisine has a reputation for being stodgy, unimaginative fare. While that may have been true for many in the days of Soviet supply shortages, a new generation of Russians in the World Cup’s host cities mix together influences from across Europe and Asia.

  • food Apr 11, 2018

    More Organic Than Thou? Rebel Farmers Create New Food Label

    Was your tomato grown in dirt or water? Organic shoppers might notice additional labels this summer that will give them the answer — and tell them whether their choices align with what a rebellious group of farmers and scientists deem the true spirit of the organic movement. About 15 farmers and scientists from around the country met in Vermont late...

  • USDA Jun 28, 2017

    Eligible Students Can Receive Free Summer Meals

    The D.C. Free Summer Meals program provides free meals to eligible kids and teens during the summer months.

  • food May 20, 2016

    Makeover Coming for Food Nutrition Labels

    Nutrition facts labels on food packages are getting a long-awaited makeover, with calories listed in bigger, bolder type and a new line for added sugars. And serving sizes will be updated to make them more realistic — so that a small bag of chips won’t count as two or three servings, for example. First lady Michelle Obama is expected to...

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