• crown act Jul 8

    New Mural in Anacostia Celebrates Crown Act

    In the 2000 block of MLK Avenue in Southeast D.C., a new mural celebrates the Crown Act. The new act, passed in a dozen states like Maryland and Virginia, prohibits discrimination based on an individual’s natural hairstyle or texture. The mural was collaboratively sponsored by the JOY Collective and MuralsDC. News4’s Cory Smith reports.

  • hair discrimination Mar 11

    It's Not ‘Just Hair': A History of the CROWN Act

    For generations, Black women and men have faced discrimination based on their hair. Last week, Connecticut became just the latest state to sign a law banning bias in workplaces and schools against natural or protective hairstyles like braids, locks and twists. LX Host Ashley Holt breaks down the history of hair discrimination in the U.S. and why Black hair is...

  • crown act Oct 5, 2020

    Crown Act Protecting Ethnic Hairstyles in the Workplace Becomes Law in Maryland

    The crown act became law in the state of Maryland Thursday, protecting people of color from workplace discrimination based on ethnic hairstyles. Prince George’s County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins explains why this new law is really just a first step.

  • Montgomery County Feb 6, 2020

    New Law in Montgomery County Protects Residents from Hair Discrimination

    Montgomery County introduced a new act into law that would protect residents from discrimination against wearing natural hairstyles at the workplace. Effective today, the CROWN Act (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) protects individuals who wear their hair in styles such as braids, locks and afros and allows those who are discriminated against to seek a civil…

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