• food Oct 1, 2019

    How Risky Is Eating Red Meat? New Papers Provoke Controversy

    Eating red meat is linked to cancer and heart disease, but are the risks big enough to give up burgers and steak? A team of international researchers says probably not, contradicting established advice. In a series of papers published Monday, the researchers say the increased risks are small and uncertain and that cutting back likely wouldn’t be worth it for...

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Sep 25, 2019

    A Spoonful Less Sugar, Tad More Fat: US Diets Still Lacking

    Americans’ diets are a little less sweet and a little crunchier but there’s still too much sugar, white bread and artery-clogging fat, a study suggests. Overall, the authors estimated there was a modest improvement over 16 years on the government’s healthy eating index, from estimated scores of 56 to 58. That’s hardly cause for celebration — 100 is the top...

  • WASHINGTON Jul 17, 2019

    DC Ranks Among Most Walkable Cities, But at a Cost

    The D.C. metropolitan area is a model for the development of walkable cities, but pedestrian-friendly areas come with higher rent costs, a recent report found.

  • Maryland Jun 19, 2019

    Survey Sees Biggest US Honeybee Winter Die-Off Yet

    Winter hit U.S. honeybees hard with the highest loss rate yet, an annual survey of beekeepers showed. The annual nationwide survey by the Bee Informed Partnership found 37.7% of honeybee colonies died this past winter, nearly 9 percentage points higher than the average winter loss. The survey of nearly 4,700 beekeepers managing more than 300,000 colonies goes back 13 years...

  • New Jersey Jun 1, 2019

    Frank Lucas, Drug Lord Portrayed in ‘American Gangster,' Dead at 88

    Frank Lucas, the former Harlem drug kingpin whose life and lore inspired the 2007 movie “American Gangster,” has died, a relative said Friday. Lucas, who was 88, died Thursday in New Jersey, nephew Aldwan Lassiter said. Lucas had been in declining health, according to his former lawyer. Raised in North Carolina, Lucas climbed the ranks of crime in Harlem in...

  • United States May 27, 2019

    The Forgotten History of Memorial Day

    In the years following the bitter Civil War, a former Union general took a holiday originated by former Confederates and helped spread it across the entire country. The holiday was Memorial Day, and this year’s commemoration on May 27 marks the 151st anniversary of its official nationwide observance. The annual commemoration was born in the former Confederate States in 1866...

  • CEO Jun 19, 2019

    Dog DNA Testing Takes Off, and Breeds Debate

    As people peer into DNA for clues to health and heritage, man’s best friend is under the microscope, too. Genetic testing for dogs has surged in recent years, fueled by companies that echo popular at-home tests for humans, offering a deep dive into a pet’s genes with the swab of a canine cheek. More than a million dogs have been...

  • WASHINGTON Dec 12, 2018

    Scary Warming at Poles Showing Up at Weird Times, Places

    Scientists are seeing surprising melting in Earth’s polar regions at times they don’t expect, like winter, and in places they don’t expect, like eastern Antarctica. New studies and reports issued this week at a major Earth sciences conference paint one of the bleakest pictures yet of dramatic and dangerous warming in the Arctic and Antarctica. Alaskan scientists described to The...

  • United States Nov 2, 2018

    Renters Are Struggling More Than Homeowners, Survey Says

    Financial stress visits renters more than homeowners. That’s the main takeaway from a new report by the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington. Rental costs are rising much faster than renters’ salaries. Between 1960 and 2016, the median income for a renter grew by just 5 percent. During the same period, the median rent ballooned by more than...

  • RADIATION Sep 5, 2018

    New Advice on Kids' Concussions Calls for Better Tracking

    New children’s concussion guidelines from the U.S. government recommend against routine X-rays and blood tests for diagnosis and reassure parents that most kids’ symptoms clear up within one to three months. Signs of potentially more serious injuries that may warrant CT imaging scans include vomiting, unconsciousness and severe, worsening headaches, according to the guidelines released Tuesday. The guidelines from the...

  • Donald Trump Aug 29, 2018

    In Death, McCain Tries to Unite, But Some Point to a Complicated Legacy

    U.S. Sen. John McCain said last year that he wanted to be remembered for his service to his country and that is how nearly every lawmaker and many of the journalists who covered him have paid tribute to him after his death. But there is another reaction playing out over McCain’s legacy as well, less mentioned in the running cable...

  • Canada Aug 27, 2018

    Sen. John McCain's Final Words to Americans

    Sen. John McCain’s last words to the American people were read Monday by his former campaign manager, Rick Davis. McCain, a stalwart of the U.S. Senate, had a message of unity for all Americans and said the country’s greatness is weakened “when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries.”

  • United States Aug 3, 2018

    China Professor Missing After Police Interrupt Voice of America Interview

    The whereabouts of a Chinese professor known for his critical views of the government remained unknown Friday, two days after police interrupted his radio interview with U.S. government broadcaster Voice of America. Sun Wenguang was speaking to the network on Wednesday night when he says half a dozen officers barged into his apartment in the eastern city of Jinan. He...

  • actor May 24, 2018

    Morgan Freeman Issues Apology After Eight Women Accuse Actor of Inappropriate Behavior

    Morgan Freeman is apologizing to anyone who may have felt “uncomfortable or disrespected” by his behavior. His remarks come after CNN reported that multiple women have accused the A-list actor of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior on movie sets and in other professional settings..

  • Kenya Apr 20, 2018

    Julian Lennon's Environmental Books Hope to ‘Empower' Kids

    The firstborn son of the late John Lennon is the co-author of “Heal the Earth,” the second in his picture book series teaching kids as young as 3 ways to help the planet.

  • PRESIDENT Mar 19, 2018

    Some Disneyland Workers Are Homeless: Union-Funded Report Says

    One-tenth of Disneyland employees are paid so little that they recently experienced homelessness, while two-thirds of them are unable to afford three meals a day, according to a union-funded report released Wednesday.

  • United States Feb 1, 2018

    Climate Change Diet: Arctic Sea Ice Thins, So Do Polar Bears

    Some polar bears in the Arctic are shedding pounds during the time they should be beefing up, a new study shows. It’s the climate change diet and scientists say it’s not good. They blame global warming for the dwindling ice cover on the Arctic Ocean that bears need for hunting seals each spring.

  • NFL Jan 19, 2018

    Study: Hits to Head, Not Concussions, Cause CTE

    Head injuries – not concussions – cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disease most commonly associated with NFL players, a new study says.

  • georgia Jan 11, 2018

    US Cold Snap Was a Freak of Nature, Analysis Finds

    Consider this cold comfort: A quick study of the brutal American cold snap found that the Arctic blast really wasn’t global warming but a freak of nature. Frigid weather like the two-week cold spell that began around Christmas is 15 times rarer than it was a century ago, according to a team of international scientists who does real-time analyses to...

  • California Jan 10, 2018

    African Elephant, Hippo, Rhino Populations Shrink in Wartime

    War is hell for wildlife, too. A new study finds that wartime is the biggest threat to Africa’s elephants, rhinos, hippos and other large animals. The researchers analyzed how decades of conflict in Africa have affected populations of large animals. More than 70 percent of Africa’s protected wildlife areas fell inside a war zone at some point since 1946, many...

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