• China Nov 20, 2019

    Last Campus Protesters Hold out as Hong Kong Schools Reopen

    Hong Kong schools reopened Wednesday after a six-day shutdown, but students and commuters faced transit disruptions as the last anti-government protesters remained holed up on a university campus, surrounded by police. City officials tried to restore a sense of normalcy as primary and secondary classes resumed. Workers began cleaning up debris blocking a major road tunnel, but it was unclear...

  • DRIVER Oct 27, 2019

    ‘I'm Dying': Relatives Await Answers After 39 Dead In Smuggling Case

    One family received a final text from their daughter saying she couldn’t breathe and was dying. Another grieving family set up a makeshift altar for their missing daughter who paid $10,000 in hopes of pursuing a career as a nail technician in Britain. A desperate father is searching for his son, who frequently calls home but hasn’t since last week....

  • DRIVER Oct 23, 2019

    39 People Found Dead in Truck in England

    Essex police have a man in custody after 39 people were found dead in the back of a truck in Southeastern England on Wednesday.

  • China Oct 18, 2019

    NBA Says Chinese Wanted Morey's Firing Over Hong Kong Tweet; China Denies Claim

    The rift between the NBA and China appeared to widen again Friday, as the fallout over Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet in support of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong continued. A day after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Chinese officials wanted Morey fired, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry told reporters that no such demand was made by...

  • Governor Jul 7, 2018

    Heartbreaking Scenes Described in Thai Boat Sinking; 41 Dead

    Divers who entered the wreck of a tour boat that sank in a storm off the southern Thai resort island of Phuket described heartbreaking scenes of bodies of children found in the arms of their mothers, as the search continued Saturday for 15 mostly Chinese tourists missing in a disaster that has left dozens dead. The death toll from Thursday’s...

  • China May 5, 2017

    N. Korea Issues Direct Criticism of China Amid Nuke Dispute

    North Korea has issued a rare direct criticism of China through a commentary saying its “reckless remarks” on the North’s nuclear program are testing its patience and could trigger unspecified “grave” consequences. China, North Korea’s largest trading partner and main benefactor, suspended imports of North Korean coal in line with U.N. sanctions earlier this year and has recently been urging...

  • Donald Trump Mar 30, 2017

    Trump's First Meeting With China's Xi to Be in Mar-a-Lago April 6–7

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump will meet for the first time on April 6-7 at the latter’s Florida resort, China’s foreign ministry announced Thursday. The future relationship between the world’s No. 1 and No. 2 economies has been uncertain following the election of Trump, who accused China during his campaign of unfair trade practices and threatened to...

  • China Jan 10, 2017

    Trump Critical of China at Iowa Rally

    As part of his “Thank You Tour” Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Iowa on Dec. 8, 2016. His was critical of China’s trade policies, saying “they haven’t played by the rules and I know it’s time that they’re going to start.”

  • Donald Trump Nov 14, 2016

    China's President Reaffirms US Relations in Call With Trump

    Chinese President Xi Jinping reaffirmed the importance of relations with the United States in a phone conversation with President-elect Donald Trump on Monday, opening communication with a politician who had been strongly critical of China during his campaign. State media reported that Xi congratulated Trump on his election and said cooperation was the “only correct choice” for China and the...

  • China Jan 4, 2016

    Philippines Follows Vietnam in Opposing Chinese Flight Test

    The Philippines says that like Vietnam, it opposes a recent Chinese flight test in a newly completed runway on one of seven islands Beijing constructed in the disputed South China Sea....
    Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said Monday the Philippine government was considering protesting China’s action, like what Vietnam did, adding that the flight test at Fiery Cross Reef...

  • United States Jan 3, 2016

    China Rejects Vietnam Protest Over Sea Flight Test

    China rejected a protest from Vietnam over a flight test it has conducted on a new airstrip on a man-made island in the South China Sea, saying it is part of China’s territory. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Saturday it conducted a civil flight test on the newly built airstrip on Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands, a chain...

  • China Dec 13, 2015

    China's Efforts on Climate Deal Partly Down to its Pollution

    China’s push for a global climate pact is partly because of its own increasingly pressing need to solve serious environmental problems, observers said Sunday.

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