• Beyond Meat Feb 26

    McPlant and More: Beyond Meat Inks McDonald's, Yum Deals

    Plant-based food company Beyond Meat will be partnering with several fast-food chains in the coming years to expand to products that could eventually include a plant-based burger, chalupa or toppings on a stuffed-crust pizza.

  • Snoop Dogg Jan 14, 2020

    Snoop Dogg's New Plant-Based Sandwich Debuts at Dunkin'

    Got the munchies and craving something plant-based? For a limited time, Snoop Dogg and Dunkin’ are offering a sandwich made with Beyond Meat. The Beyond D-O-Double G sandwich, “inspired by Snoop Dogg’s passion for plant-based protein and love for glazed donuts,” was announced Monday and will be available for just one week. The new menu item features a Beyond...

  • China Aug 26, 2019

    KFC Will Soon Be Serving Vegan Fried Chicken — With Beyond Meat's Help

    Colonel Sanders will soon be serving vegan fried chicken to see if customers think it’s finger lickin’ good. KFC will start testing plant-based fried chicken from Beyond Meat in an Atlanta restaurant on Tuesday. The test makes the Yum Brands subsidiary the first national U.S. fast-food chain to introduce a Beyond chicken item, beating Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Beyond pulled its...

  • United States Aug 7, 2019

    Subway Partners With Beyond Meat as Part of Its Comeback Bid

    Subway is betting that a partnership with Beyond Meat can revive its struggling business. The sandwich chain is partnering with the maker of plant-based meat products, starting with a test of a Beyond Meatball Marinara sub. The limited-time sandwich will be available in 685 locations in the U.S. and Canada starting in September. Sales to restaurants accounted for nearly half,...

  • PRESIDENT May 30, 2019

    KFC Is Considering Plant-Based Fried Chicken But Has No Plans to Test Right Now

    KFC is joining the long list of restaurants thinking about adding plant-based meat substitutes to its menu. Kevin Hochman, who heads KFC’s U.S. division, said that the company does not have any plans to test vegan alternatives right now, but he has meetings scheduled with several major suppliers to learn more about plant-based meats. Business Insider first reported that KFC...

  • United States May 27, 2019

    Beyond Meat Is Soaring, But There's No Real Evidence Its Products Are Healthier Than Real Meat, Says Former US Agriculture Chief

    Talk about mystery meat. As plant-based protein makers like Impossible Foods and the newly public Beyond Meat take the food industry by storm, the question of whether their products are better for consumers than actual meat is still very much open, says former U.S. Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman. “We can’t really market it … as necessarily better for you, because...

  • CEO May 2, 2019

    Beyond Meat Goes Public as Sales of Plant-Based Meats Rise

    The Nasdaq is adding fake meat to its diet. Beyond Meat, the purveyor of plant-based burgers and sausages, made its debut on the stock exchange Thursday. It’s the first pure-play maker of vegan “meat” to go public, according to Renaissance Capital, which researches and tracks IPOs. Beyond Meat raised about $240 million selling 9.6 million shares at $25 each. That...

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