• Anti-racism Jul 24

    10-Year-Old Tiana Sirmans Explains Racism

    Gen Z emerging journalist Tiana Sirmans explains what racism is and what parents can do to help teach their children about it. The Delaware pre-teen explains what’s happening in our country amid the summer 2020 protest movement and why she has a positive outlook on the future. Video by Sarah Glover and Jeremy Berg.

  • Anti-racism Jun 19

    An Artist, Educator, Author and Dean Reflect on What It Means to Be an Ally

    Here are more ideas for how to be an ally to the Black community that come from newly minted activists on social media and from long-time advocates, who have been fighting to dismantle the school to prison pipeline for Black children, for example, or to make academia a more welcome place.

  • Anti-racism Jun 15

    Bakers Around the World Are Holding a Giant Virtual Bake Sale to Combat Racism

    Bake sales are a tried-and-true way to help students, parents and community leaders raise money for school events and charitable organizations. Starting today, however, bakers from around the world are hosting thousands of virtual bake sales — and the majority of proceeds will be donated to organizations that support Black Lives Matter causes. Bakers Against Racism was the brainchild of…

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