adriana leon

  • Colombia Jan 18

    Family of Va. Woman Who Died After Plastic Surgery in Colombia Still Seeking Cause

    The family of a woman who died after getting plastic surgery in Colombia is still trying to find out what happened. Adriana Leon, 21, of West Springfield, Virginia, had lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise and went to Colombia for skin removal surgery. “So Adriana had been talking about this for a while and she did her research,” said…

  • Colombia Jan 14

    Virginia Woman Dies After Getting Plastic Surgery in Colombia

    A Northern Virginia woman died after going to Colombia to get plastic surgery. Adriana Leon’s family said the 21-year-old woman lost more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise. As a result, she had excess skin she wanted removed. She had the procedure Friday but then had complications. The attorney for the plastic surgeon’s office where Leon had the...

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