Nominate a Morning Person

Submit someone who makes a difference

Is there a person who makes a difference when you head to work or school in the morning?  If so, News4 would like to hear the story.

We're looking for the people who go out of their way to put a spring in your step or a smile on your face.  We want to hear about those unsung heroes out there, the ordinary people who make an extraordinary contribution to our community and to your everyday life.

Is it the person who drives your bus, pours your coffee or welcomes your kids to school?

If you know of anyone like that, tell your story to us.

You can create a video of your morning person suggestion and send it to our site in order to help explain why he or she would make a great morning person. Just grab a camera, create a video capturing that special person in action, add your comments on why they should be nominated, and e-mail your video.

Or, you can always e-mail us the story, and send us a clear, close-up picture from your digital camera, your picture phone or your camcorder.

In either case, make sure you include a way we can contact you for more information.

Then we'll choose a News4 Morning Person and feature him or her on News4 Today from 4:55-7 a.m.

E-Mail your story to:

Each entrant agrees to give NBC News 4 a nonexclusive license, in perpetuity, to broadcast or otherwise publish the photographs in any medium, and they may be reproduced or otherwise used or modified by NBC News 4 without further notice or compensation to entrant.  If entrant is not the photographer or copyright holder of the photograph (if different), then such permission must be provided by photographer or copyright holder, or entrant will be disqualified.

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