A Message to News4 Viewers from Leon Harris

NBC Universal, Inc.

Many of you know that I made a terrible mistake one night in January.

After drinking, I decided to get into my car and drive. This is the worst decision I could possibly have made.

I have thanked God every day that —since that night — the accident did not result in someone’s death. I put the safety of others at risk; for that, I cannot apologize enough.

I also cannot apologize enough to my colleagues here at News4 — nor to you —our viewers.

I know you trust and rely upon us not just for news and information but for our judgement and for the example we set for our community every day.

Because of that, I know I let a lot of people down.

That’s why I decided on my own to take some time to reflect and to do some intensive work on myself with some very tough professionals to get control of this disease of alcoholism — work that is still in progress.

I’ve learned this problem is treatable and it is possible to embrace recovery and sobriety. 

With the help of family, friends and professional advisors, I have sought out help to do just that.

While that work is ongoing, I want you to know how deeply I appreciate the messages of support from so many of you.

I truly understand what a privilege it is to sit in this chair and I commit to you that I will do whatever it takes to honor this and to re-earn your trust.

I have to thank the leadership here at NBC4 for allowing me to address this.

Their support has given me the strength to address this illness and to become a better person for them, for my family, and for you.

Thank you.

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