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Cloudy Dishwasher Glasses: Your Feedback, Suggestions

Responses to a common consumer problem



    Dishwashers Serving Up Cloudy Glasses

    Liz Crenshaw reports on "clean" dishes coming out of the dishwasher with a cloudy film or residue. Find out what's happening to your dishwashing detergent, and get updates from the American Cleaning Institute. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010)

    Here are some responses we received from viewers related to the “cloudy glasses” dishwasher problem popping up across the area (Watch the video above):

    “Yes! Spots on glasses! It is so embarrassing when you pull one out and company looks at it like, yuck.”
    -- Michelle, South Maryland

    “I saw your segment and couldn’t believe that others were having this same issue. I thought it was just us, and thought it was our dishwasher.”

    • Tries different combinations and likes Finish Gel Pacs. 
    • Then adds white vinegar to the dispenser where you would normally put Jet Dry additive.

    -- Karen, Reston, Va.

    Great luck using Finish Powerballs and/or Finish Tabs.
    -- @MJonesStudio (Twitter Friend) & Randy in Smithburg, Md.

    Adds a product made from lemons called Lemi–Shine. Helps tremendously.
    -- Sadie, WV & John, WV

    Switched to phosphate-free dishwasher detergents on their own, and have great luck with Palmolive Eco and Seventh Generation Concentrated Pacs.
    -- Christine, Lynda & Andrea

    Uses Kirkland brand detergent but added Clorox bleach to each wash cycle. Glasses and dishes come out clean and clear.
    -- Stephanie

    Uses detergent in the open cup of her dishwasher, and then adds 2 tablespoons of 20-Mule-Team-Borax in the closed cup.
    -- Joan, WV

    Have suggestions of your own? Add them in the “comments” section below!