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Ask Liz: Verizon Time & Weather Services



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    We've received several emails and calls about the "end" of Verizon's time and weather phone service. Viewers want to know when and why the service is being cancelled. We contacted Verizon to get this answer directly.

    It says it will no longer provide time and weather services in Maryland and the District beginning June 1, 2011. Verizon has been phasing out this service in other jurisdictions. Maryland and DC are two of only three remaining markets.

    Verizon said that there are many alternatives to getting time and weather information. Verizon encourages customers to get time and weather information from local television and radio stations.

    Here is Verizon's full list of time and weather alternatives:

    • Local television stations: Since the FCC’s digital conversion, for every television that receives a signal via a digital converter box, each major television station now offers access to a dedicated weather channel, which is available 24 hours a day. Each one of these channels displays time of day information as well.
    • Cable television stations such as The Weather Channel, as well as cable news and weather forecasts.
    • The National Weather Service (available on radio and television, the Internet and dial-in information services).
    • 1800 BING 411 Voice announced Weather Service.
    • U.S. Naval Observatory Dial-in Service:
    • Time Voice announcements – 202-762-1069.
    • Digital Time for Modems – 202-762-1594.
    • Local radio stations.
    • Personal and business computer clocks, personal wrist watches, residential and business wall clocks, residential and business office thermometers.
    • Internet service providers.
    • Wireless service providers.
    • World Wide Web businesses such as,,,
    • Other telecommunications service providers.