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West Virginia City Partially Evacuated Due to Chemical Spill

Officials say they have evacuated a portion of Martinsburg, West Virginia, on Monday after a chemical spill at a sewage treatment plant.

Martinsburg West Virginia
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Some residents of the City of Martinsburg, West Virginia, are being evacuated due to a chemical leak.

The site of the incident is a sewage treatment plant on 500 East John St., where a chlorine spill caused vapor to escape into the surrounding area. The evacuation order extends in a half-mile radius from the treatment plant.

The affected area in Martinsburg, WV, Berkeley County Public Safety

The spill occurred during a transport tanker offload in which sodium hypochlorate and ferric chloride were accidentally mixed.

According to Berkeley County Public Safety, exposure to emissions from the leak could lead to "mild respiratory irritation," but should not cause any long-term effects. However, if nausea or vomiting occur, immediate medical attention is recommended.

A chemical release response team has been dispatched to the site to neutralize the chemical reaction.

Still of drone footage from above the site, Berkeley County Public Safety

Berkeley County Public Safety says while "the situation is under control and the chemicals are contained within a tank," the evacuation order will remain in place until more information about the dispersal of the chemical can be confirmed.

Evacuees are being sheltered at Orchard View Intermediate School.

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