Chastity Belts for Dogs: Yes, They Exist

But we're so, so afraid of where our society is headed.


Some things, you see and then you can just never unsee them. The images haunt you for the rest of your life.

This is one of those things.

The Pet Anti Breeding System -- otherwise known as a chastity belt for female dogs -- is "a new concept in Birth Control for Pets that specifically targets the external reproductive area of our four-legged friends," according to its sales site. (We'll just politely ignore the Random Capitalization.)

So if you don't want to spay your pet for whatever reason, you can still suit them up with, um, "birth control." The system sells for $65-$95, depending on size and whether the pet will need to protect its show-quality coat. The site also sells Sani-T pads, although the less said about those, the better.

We'd like to argue that this system is patently unfair. Girl dogs must be chaste and respectable, while boy dogs can just run wild, cavorting with those girl dogs of loose  morals who'll just breed with anyone who comes along? Tsk, tsk.

Maybe someday we'll live in a society where girl dogs and boy dogs can be treated equally. Until then... awwwwkward.

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