Bloodcurdling Bay Bridge?

Is Maryland transportation really that scary?

"Panic" and "vertigo" aren’t usually words used to describe a trip to the beach. However, those are symptoms many may feel crossing Maryland’s Bay Bridge. According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, those feelings may be justified.

The magazine has named the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge, a.k.a. the Bay Bridge, as one of the world’s scariest bridges. The overpass apparently made the list because of the storms that frequently hit the area.

The Bay Bridge is often used by residents to get to nearby Maryland beaches such as Ocean City and towns on the Delaware coast, like Bethany Beach.

The bridge connects the eastern and western shores of the free state. The magazine notes that storms can get so bad on the 5-mile-long viaduct that, even after making it halfway, alarmed drivers sometimes cannot see land.

While we admit, on a three-day weekend, traffic on the bridge can be downright frightening, we’re not so sure we agree with Travel and Leisure’s rating. We’d prefer hampered visibility and a slight case of road rage to the Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan. The suspension bridge, made of thin boards and rope, was submerged in floodwaters in May 2010 -- and was ranked two spots below the Bay Bridge on Travel and Leisure's list.

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