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Toddler has 33-Pound Tumor Removed

A 2-year-old has a tumor that outweighed his entire body surgically removed



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    In this still image taken from an undated video released by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, an image created through medical imaging technology shows an X-ray-like image of 2-year-old Jesus Rodriguez, prior to having a benign tumor removed from his body.

    A Mexican toddler has undergone surgery to remove a tumor that outweighed his entire body.

    Jesus Rodriguez, a 26-pound 2-year-old, had a 33-pound tumor surgically removed on June 14, The Associated Press reported.

    The 10-hour procedure marked the first time in Mexican history in which a tumor larger than the patient was successfully removed, according to the AP.

    The toddler was born with a lump that eventually grew to cover the entire right side of his abdomen, from the armpit to the hip, according to his doctor. 

    Dr. Gustavo Hernandez, director of pediatrics at La Raza Medical Center in Mexico City, told the AP that Rodriguez is in recovery and doing well.