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Thieves Beat High Gas Prices in California

Thieves steal nearly 1,000 gallons of gasoline



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    Thieves pumped nearly 1,000 gallons of gasoline from a station in Roseville, California.

    The recent spike in the price of gasoline in California might have motivated thieves to steal from a gas station three times last week, taking with them nearly 1,000 gallons of gasoline, reported.

    A man in a pick-up truck reportedly made off with 300 gallons of gas each time at a local Shell station in the northern Californian town of Roseville. A store manager said that there appeared to be a tank in the truck’s bed.

    A store employee told KCRA that the man "got inside the pumps" and bypassed them "to take as much gas as he wanted."

    The thieves came back on two more occasions, taking around 300 gallons of gas each time. The amount of fuel stolen could be worth around $4,500, KCRA reported.

    According to Fox News 40, thieves also attempted to take gas from a 76 station nearby a few days earlier. Roseville police don't know if it's the same people that stole from the Shell station, the news channel reported.

    Gasoline prices in California hit a record high again on Monday. In Los Angeles Country, the price of a gallon of regular is an average of $4.703, NBCLA reported.

    Since the incident, the gas station has turned off the pumps at night. They won’t be fooled a fourth time.