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There She is...Miss Plastic Hungary

Hungarian company sponsors plastic surgery beauty pageant



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    Hungary hopes to follow China's example by hosting their own plastic surgery beauty pageant.

    Hungarian beauties who have gone under the knife to enhance their looks can flaunt their upgrades in a new pageant just for them.

    A Hungarian company will be sponsoring a beauty pageant for surgically enhanced woman called Miss Plastic Hungary, as a way to dispel stereotypes, reports Reuters

    "Unfortunately, people in Hungary are still rather negative about ladies who have had cosmetic surgery and there are a lot of stereotypes going about," said Reka Bodis, press director for the plastic pageant. "We are not seeking to promote extremely large breasts and the like."

    But more modest boob jobs, tummy tucks, facelifts, nose jobs and other procedures will be extolled at the event.

    "The whole thing is about harmony, that's what the contest seeks to emphasize," said Bodis.

    The idea for the pageant first surfaced 10 years ago, but organizers put the idea on hold because of a lack of "sufficient material." 

    "In those days, there weren't that many many beautiful girls who have had plastic surgery, but now we can almost say (the idea for the pageant) is quite natural," said said Bodis. 

    Hungary has since become a new hot spot for women looking to have surgeons reshape their faces and bodies. Affordable prices and high quality work has made plastic surgery more attainable than ever, say experts.

    Medical Tourism website Treatment Abroad, which caters to British clients, praises Hungary for offering "a range of excellent health care for 40% of what it may cost in the U.K.

    So far, 100 women have signed up looking to compete for the crown.