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Religious Icon in Victoria's Potato



    Religious Icon in Victoria's Potato
    Avery Jackson
    Victoria says the religious icon is a sign that "no matter how much you doubt, Jesus is watching over you."

    Victoria Kratzer has a sign from Jesus sitting in a bowl of water on her kitchen table.

    It was just the sort of spiritual moment she needed after a melancholy year and it came on Easter Sunday.

    Victoria started to prep for her potato salad. She was hosting Easter Dinner for the family. She sliced into her first tuber and there it was:

    "Oh my God, Rachel, there's a cross in the potato!" she yelled to her sister.

    The last year or so has been rough for Victoria's family. They're a tight bunch. Her younger sister, Maria, the "life and the laughter of the family," died from bone cancer in August and family get-togethers haven't been quite the same.

    The cross in the potato brought a sense of wonder to the day.

    "Words can't even say. It's just beautiful," the Eastampton Township, N.J. woman said.

    "My sister ran over, my daughter came over, my mother came over to see the potato. We just couldn't believe it," Victoria said. "Oh my God, Jesus is in my life, he really is."

    Victoria's daughter said, "Put it in water so it doesn't go brown."

    That's what they did and went ahead and had one heck of an Easter Sunday dinner together.

    So what do you do with a potato like that once the moment passes? Daughter Susan put it on ebay.

    No one's expecting to cash in on Victoria's potato, but in a year that's also been tough financially for the family, every little bit helps.

    Victoria doesn't even "know how that ebay thing works." For her, it will always be about the moment.

    "I'm telling you, this is amazing."