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PETA Pitches Clooney-Flavored Tofu



    PETA Pitches Clooney-Flavored Tofu
    Finger lickin' good -- George Clooney tofu could be coming to stores near you.

    Tofu could soon be a part of every middle-aged woman's diet thanks to an infusion of George Clooney.

    Vegetarian promoters People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- PETA -- are rallying to pitch a George Clooney-flavored brand of tofu in an effort to raise awareness about a meat-free diet, E! Onlinereported.

    PETA obtained a used towel of Clooney's from a recent visit the former "ER" doctor and "Ocean's Eleven" heartthrob made to a Washington, D.C. gym, and wrote Clooney asking to inject his sweat into tofu they would market nationwide.

    "CloFu," as PETA calls it in the letter, could attract non-tofu eaters to the meat substitute, the agency wrote.

    "Your fans would swoon at the idea of eating CloFu," PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk wrote in the letter.

    "CloFu will help people be healthier and more environmentally friendly and will spare animals from being killed for the table," the letter said.

    The letter even quotes a researcher -- who likens Clooney's perspiration to "gravy."

    Clooney's response? The meat-eater was appalled.

    "As a mammal, I'm offended," Clooney said.