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No-Show Worker Collected Checks for Years



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    A worker at a publicly-funded agency in Norfolk, Va., collected a salary and benefits for 12 years and without showing up for work, according to several City Council members.

    The employee – in title only, obviously – was on the payroll at the Community Services Board, an independent agency that receives funding from the city, state and federal governments.
    Maureen Womack, the agency's executive director, told the Virginian-Pilot that she fired the worker, informed the board that governs her agency and asked City Attorney Bernard A. Pishko to investigate the matter earlier this summer. Pishko's investigation is almost complete and will soon be turned over to the Norfolk police, she said.
    Womack refused to divulge the employee's name or salary.
    The council also was told in a recent closed meeting that at least one other staffer, a Community Services Board supervisor, is being investigated for alleged complicity, the Virginian-Pilot reported.
    The Board provides medication, counseling and psychiatric services to about 6,000 low-income Norfolk residents.