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Counter Intelligence: Carson Palmer Predicts Death in NFL

"It's going to happen," Palmer said



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    Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said he thought someone in the NFL was going to die.

    See why the Bengals' QB predicts death in the league and take a look at our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days...

    • Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said he thinks someone in the NFL was going to die. "The truth of the matter is ... somebody is going to die here in the NFL. It's going to happen." The QB said the violence of the game -- with guys traveling at maximum velocity crashing into one another -- coupled with the expectation of maintaining beefed-up bods, is going to result in a fatality in the near future, he said.
    • Meet the world's nastiest computer. Scientists in the UK have created a computer using slime mold that they have nicknamed "Plasmobot." The slime mold, which is fed oat or corn flakes, was able to push or pull outside objects and completed mathematical constructs.
    • Much to the chagrin of professors, college students are beginning to use "LOL" and emoticons such as ";-)" in essays for class. The average college freshman writes about 92 pages during the academic year. And professors complain that writing quality has also declined in recent years -- in part because students read less. Only 26% of employers in 2008 thought college students were prepared as writers.
    • McDonald's lost its battle in Federal Court against a popular Malaysian eatery, McCurry. The U.S.-based restaurant chain does not have a monopoly on the prefix "Mc" and other eateries are free to use it, a judge ruled.