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Charges Dropped in Antler Theft



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    Two Maryland residents accused of stealing thousands of dollars in elk antlers won't be heading to jail, after all. 

    Gary Felts, 46, of Joppa, and Stephen Lee, 44, of Cumberland, were initially accused of stealing two massive sets of elk antlers from the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Pittsburgh. Prosecutors, however, have dropped the charges.

    A spokesperson for the Allegheny County District Attorney's office told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the charges were withdrawn at a preliminary hearing on Tuesday. Details aren't clear, but a vendor apparently told police the duo had walked away with the antlers. But other witnesses say the men, who both work for the Maryland exposition company, were returning them.

    The antlers, worth more than $15,000 each, were returned to Velvet Ranch, a Rexburg, Idaho, hunting lodge that had a display at the NRA event.