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Maryland Soiled With Loam, Sweet Loam

The quest to give Maryland an official state soil



    Maryland Soiled With Loam, Sweet Loam
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    You may call Maryland home, but can you name Maryland’s loam?

    Maryland doesn’t have an official state soil – at least for now. One state delegate is attempting to do what so many lawmakers have tried to do in the past and failed: bring Maryland an official state soil.

    It seems 24 official state symbols just aren’t enough!

    Delegate Paul Stull of Frederick is backing a bill that would make “sassafras sandy loam” the state’s official soil. We’ve got a feeling he didn’t run for office with this as part of his platform.

    A House committee will hold a hearing today on the legislation.

    The federal government is on Stull’s side; the U.S. Department of Agriculture has already designated sassafras as Maryland’s state soil. State legislators, though, have never acted on the idea.