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Women Claim Spanking Went Too Far

Virginia man charged with spanking women



    Women Claim Spanking Went Too Far

    Spanking is typically used as a punishment. In one case in Virginia, though, it’s the spanker in trouble with the law.

    Virginia Beach restaurant owner Henry Fitzsimmons faces several charges, including sexual assault and abduction, after women who agreed to let him spank them claim he went too far.

    The women all worked for, or were supported by, Fitzsimmons. Prosecutors said they had entered into an agreement with Fitzsimmons that allowed him to spank them -- in exchange for money -- if they broke certain rules.

    The women accuse the 54-year-old man of doing more than just spanking; they say he beat them with leather straps or a horse riding crop.

    Fitzsimmons’ attorney said the exchanges were consensual and were filed after one woman was fired for stealing from his restaurant.