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It's National Pickle Day

Briney preserved goodness this Friday



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    Nov. 14th is National Pickle Day.

    November 14th is National Pickle Day, a time to celebrate a marriage of nature's goodness and man's ability to make vegetables even more delicious.

    Pickling is a method of preservation that uses anaerobic fermentation using a solution like brine or marinating with an acidic solution like vinegar. Vegetables that are pickled take on a salty or sweet taste depending on the process used to preserve them. In the U.S., most people regard the cucumber as the quintessential pickling vegetable, but one can pickle almost anything from eggs to cabbage. It's a method of flavoring practiced across the globe.

    The University of Georgia has a guide on how to pickle, but that can take weeks. If one needs a more immediate pickle fix, check out specialty retailers like Guss's Pickles on Manhattan's Lower East Side. They produce a variety of pickled items and will FedEx them by the pail nationwide. Slashfood has a link to a page with more than 300 recipes using pickles.