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Fisherman Catches Scuba Diver

Snagged the diver between the legs. Oww!!!



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    A British fisherman thought he had a big one when his pole bent and the reel screeched, but it wasn't a mackerel fish on the line.

    John Goldfinch snagged a scuba diver from the beach in Devon, and almost reeled the hapless diver in, before his girlfriend surfaced and removed the hook from her diving partner's crotch, according to the Telegraph.

    "The funniest thing was that his girlfriend then surfaced, helped him remove my tackle from his tackle and nonchalantly handed the hook back to me and apologized," Goldfinch, 61, told the paper.

    According to the Daily Mail, the pair said they were sorry and disappeared back into the sea.

    Goldfinch said the incident would never have happened if the embarrassed diver and his girlfriend had been swimming with a diving buoy, as required. The Express reported the pair was swimming 50 feet from shore.

    "My brother-in-law's a diver and he said it served the bloke right - at the end of the day he could have ruined his kit or even worse," Goldfinch told the Telegraph.