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Fetus Dolls Distributed in Elementary School

The dolls wre not authorized as instructional materials. Parents and Teachers call the dolls inappropriate and unacceptable.



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    A Norfolk elementary school employee is on administrative leave after allegedly giving students four-inch plastic fetus dolls, HamptonRoads.com reported.

    A parent told The Virginian-Pilot her fourth-grade daughter was given a doll during lunch time at Oakwood Elementary School. It came with a card describing the first 12 weeks of fetal development was attached to it.

    Some third- and fifth-graders also received fetus dolls, which were not authorized instructional materials. 

    "It is hard to imagine that we would have an employee who believes it would be appropriate to share plastic fetus dolls with students in one of our schools," said School Board Chairman Stephen Tonelson.

    Board member Kirk Houston Sr. called the dolls unacceptable and inappropriate "pro-life" tools.

    WAVY-TV reported Oakwood's principal also was placed on administrative leave.

    Parents, teachers and school board members discussed the dolls in a closed meeting earlier this week.

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