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Fast and Furious and Legal

Cops take on drivers in street race program



    K9, SWAT or Undercover?
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    Think you can beat the heat? For $25 you can get your chance.

    Everyone loves a good police chase, but few want to deal with the pesky arrest and jail time that comes with it.

    But for just $25 you can race everything from your Maserati to mom's minivan against South Florida's top cops on the track at the Countyline Dragway without getting busted.

    The program, called Beat the Heat, has been pitting street racers against officers in South Florida since 2007, and police say they've seen a big drop in illegal street contests since the program started.

    Beat The Heat In Miami

    "We used to have races in the warehouse district almost every Friday, Saturday night. They've completely stopped," Davie Officer Ron Bradley told

    Bradley says some of his old foes come out to the track to challenge him and his squad car again.

    "We're actually getting a lot of kids and adults alike come here and say, 'We used to race in Davie. You probably used to chase us around, and now we're here on the track and we want to race your car,'" Bradley said.

    The next Beat the Heat race is May 23 at the Countyline Dragway on Okeechobee Road. Anyone 18 or over can participate.