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Extra "S" Now Missing in Manassas Park



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    An extra "S" photographed on a Manassas Park police car hasn't been found again, the News & Messenger reported.

    Thea Dower posted the pic she took in November on the News & Messenger's Facebook page. It shows "Manassass Park Police" on the back of a cruiser on Manassas Drive near General Ridge Golf Course.

    Dower insists the extra "S" at the end of "Manassas" was not Photoshopped into the image.

    Manassas Park Police spokesperson Karen Barton was puzzled and said a search of the station’s parking lot turned out nothing unusual. Meanwhile, Manassas Park councilman William Treuting took time to investigate, too.

    However the offending "S" has not been found. Treuting told the News & Messenger that police are not aware of any mis-lettered police cars.