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Dog Evades Sharks, Survives 4 Months on Desert Isle

Oh, boy. Get out your hankies, people. This "castaway dog" story is a doozy.



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    "Sophie Tucker" the cattle dog spent four months foraging for food on a desert island before being rescued.

    A dog that fell off a yacht and was presumed lost turned up on a desert island four months later, and has been reunited with her(gobsmacked) family.

    The grey and black cattle dog was on the boat with its owners off Queensland, Australia, when she fell overboard. The family searched in vain, and figured the pup had drowned or been chomped by sharks, which the area is known for. But no. Apparently, Sophie Tucker (yep, that's the dog's name) swam more than six miles to St. Bees Island, a "a quiet volcanic strip of land fringed with reefs," the Daily Mail reports, where she survived for more than four months, hunting wild goats for food. No news on whether she befriended a volleyball.

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